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Forbes 2024 Billionaire List: Indians growing power in the world

Forbes 2024 Billionaire List: Indians growing power in the world-India’s influence is clearly visible in the 2024 list of global billionaires released by Forbes. This time 200 Indians have been included in the list, which is 31 more than last year. Also, the wealth figures of these Indian billionaires are also very impressive.

41% increase in assets

The total wealth of these 200 Indian billionaires is $954 billion, which is 41% more than $675 billion a year ago. This largely reflects the country’s strengthening economy and growing entrepreneurial environment. Better opportunities for new entrepreneurs and expansion of larger companies have made this growth possible.

Mukesh Ambani – the first Asian ‘trillionaire’

The name of Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani comes at the top of the list. His total wealth has increased from $83 billion last year to $116 billion. In this way, he has become the first person in Asia whose wealth is more than 100 billion dollars i.e. 1 trillion dollars. He is also the ninth richest person globally and has emerged as the richest person in India and Asia.

Gautam Adani in second place

Adani Group Chairman Gautam Adani also tops the list. There has also been a big increase in his wealth. With this increase of $36.8 billion, his total wealth now stands at $84 billion. Thus, he has reached 17th position globally.

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savitri jindal richest woman

The woman topping the list of Indian billionaires is iron ore industrialist Savitri Jindal. His net worth is $33.5 billion and he is in fourth place. A year ago she was at sixth position. Similarly, Lakshmi Mittal is included in the top-10 with a wealth of $16.4 billion.

New faces also made their place

A total of 25 new Indian billionaires have entered this list. These include Genpact founder Naresh Trehan, Biocon’s Ramesh Kunhikannan and Karishma Corporation’s Renuka Jagtiani. This shows that new entrepreneurs are emerging in India and their businesses are also growing rapidly.

some old names out

On the other hand, some old names have had to be left out of the list this time. These include Byju’s founder Byju Raveendran and Rohika Mistry of Jhalani’s Mahishasur Bandha Jute Mill. This shows that their companies may have faced some challenges last year.

Top-10 Indian Billionaires

The list of top 10 billionaires of India is as follows:

  1. Mukesh Ambani ($116 billion)
  2. Gautam Adani ($84 billion)
  3. Shiv Nadar ($36.9 billion)
  4. Savitri Jindal ($33.5 billion)
  5. Dilip Shanghvi ($26.7 billion)
  6. Cyrus Poonawala ($21.3 billion)
  7. Kushal Pal Singh ($20.9 billion)
  8. Kumar Birla ($19.7 billion)
  9. Radhakishan Damani ($17.6 billion)

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