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Google is shutting down its Google Podcast service

Google is shutting down its Google Podcast service-Google has decided that it will shut down its audio streaming platform Google Podcast from April 2, 2024. This platform was downloaded more than 50 crore times on Google Play Store. Google has shut down many services in the past as well, like Google Plus, Nexus and many others. With this step the company wants to promote YouTube Music.

Google is sending notifications to users

Google had given information about this through a blog post last year. After America, the company will discontinue it in other regions also. By the end of 2024, Google Podcasts will be shut down in all regions. Google has been informing users about this for the last few days through in-app notifications.

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Google has started showing warnings on the home page of the app.

Now Google has started showing a warning on the home page of the Google Podcast app. Users are being asked to merge their data with YouTube Music or any other podcast service. However, the app is still available for download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, but users will not be able to use it.

How can users transfer their subscription?

Users can easily transfer their subscription to YouTube Music. For this, they first have to open the Google Podcasts app. Then they have to go to the home tab, where they will get a notification of the closure of the Google Podcasts app. Here they will see the option of ‘Export Subscription’. After this they have to click on ‘Export to YouTube Music’. Now they will reach the YouTube Music option and can select their Gmail account, after which their subscription will be added. This process may take some time.

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Google says it will increase investment in podcasts on YouTube Music

Google has said that moving into 2024, it will increase investment in podcasts on YouTube Music. This will provide a better experience to both users and podcasters. The company wants to strengthen YouTube Music by shutting down Google Podcast.

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