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Bill for 10 minute ride Rs 1 crore, Uber’s negligence exposed

Bill for 10 minute ride Rs 1 crore, Uber’s negligence exposed-Hello Friends! Today we will talk about a very strange and surprising incident. A few days ago, an Uber user in Noida was sent a whopping bill of Rs 7.66 crore for an auto ride worth Rs 62.

And now a similar case has come to light from Bengaluru also. Sriraj Nilesh, a blogger from Hyderabad, has claimed that Uber sent him a huge bill of Rs 1 crore for a 10-minute auto ride.

As you can see, Sriraj and his wife were initially shown a fare of Rs 207. But when they reached their destination and scanned the QR code, they got a costly shock – a huge bill of Rs 1 crore 3 lakh!

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Shriraj himself is shocked by this incident and has narrated his ordeal by posting a video on Instagram. He said, “What kind of technical glitch is this? Even the customer service did not respond.”


Friends, this is not fair at all. Sending such a huge bill for a simple auto ride is not only unfair but also a fraud on customers. Uber should take immediate action in this matter and treat customers with respect.

How did you like this incident? Has this ever happened to you too? Please let us know by commenting below. Uber is also expected to respond. We will definitely inform you about what happens next in this matter. Till then hello!

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