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Another video of controversy queen Karmita Kaur leaked

Karmita Kaur Kissing Video Viral-Popular Punjabi social media influencer Karmita Kaur is back in the news. Once again a private video of his has been leaked which has created a stir on social media. This time one of her kissing videos has gone viral in which she is seen lip-locking with a boy. The matter became so heated that Karmita herself had to give a statement on it.

Ruckus once again on social media

He shared a post saying that his Instagram account was hacked and that is why this video got leaked from his account. Karmita further wrote that with the help of some people she got her account back. However, at present she has not been able to take any clear stand regarding this kissing video. Neither did he call it fake nor did he accept the truth.

Second video leaked in just 6 months

Actually, this is not the first time that a private video of Karmita Kaur has been leaked. Even just 6 months ago, a controversial video of hers had surfaced in which she was seen doing obscene acts with a boy. Even at that time the video had created a lot of uproar on social media. Karmita was trolled a lot and people also abused her a lot.

However, at that time Karmita had given her clarification and claimed that the video was fake and an attempt was made to implicate her. According to him, some people were trying to tarnish his image. Karmita had also appealed to her fans to support her. Some of his supporters even supported him and talked about getting him justice.

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Video leaked from the account itself

But this time Karmita has to face some more attacks. Because this time her kissing video has gone viral from her own social media account. According to media reports, this video first appeared on Karmita’s Instagram Stories but later it was removed.

But by then it was too late and the video had already been uploaded to hundreds of websites and social media platforms. Now this video is also available on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and many major adult sites. In the video, Karmita and one of her partners can clearly be seen lip-locking.

Possibility of account being hacked

After this incident, Karamita hastily shared a post. He claimed that his Instagram account was hacked and some unknown person shared this video from his account. Karmita wrote, “My dear friends and fans, I just want to say that my account was hacked. But with the help of some friends, I have now recovered it.”

However, even after this Karmita did not tell whether the girl seen in the video is the same or not. Nor did he say anything about whether this video is fake then why it is not being investigated. Due to this kind of silence, people are now becoming more suspicious.

Overall, this entire controversy clearly shows that Karmita’s troubles are not ending at the moment. With his increasing popularity, controversies will also continue. Now it has to be seen how Karmita handles this matter and how she explains her side to her fans.

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