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Who is Nancy Tyagi? Biography, Age, Early Life, Fashion Designer, Cannes Festival

Today we will hear the success story of a girl who, through her hard work, dedication and determination, came from a small village and entered the world’s most prestigious film festival ‘Cannes Film Festival’. This is the amazing achievement of Nancy Tyagi from Uttar Pradesh, who walked the Cannes red carpet in a stunning gown made by herself and enthralled the whole world with her talent.

Memories of birth and childhood in a small village

Nancy Tyagi was born in an ordinary family in Baranwa village of Uttar Pradesh. Growing up in a small village, Nancy’s childhood was also spent there, where she played sports with her friends and took inspiration from the stories told by her parents. Like any village girl, Nancy was also lost in dreams and had big aspirations for her future.

Arrival in Delhi and dreams of UPSC

Nancy had a dream in her heart to pass the UPSC exam. To realize this dream, she left her small village and came to Delhi. She worked hard day and night and paid full attention to her studies. His goal was to pass the civil services examination and get a job in the country.

But sometimes life takes sudden turns. Same thing happened with Nancy when her studies were interrupted during the lockdown and she could not realize her UPSC dream. However, during this time, Nancy got a chance to recognize her real passion – fashion designing.

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Debut in the world of fashion designing

Nancy never learned dress designing from any fashion school or course. He learned this art entirely through his hard work and dedication. Since childhood, she had a special love for clothes and fashion. She often used to make new designs from her mother’s old clothes.


When he had time during the lockdown, he started learning this art more deeply. He gradually assimilated this art after many trials and mistakes. She used to learn by watching YouTube videos for hours and then applying them in her own style.

Journey from Meesho to Instagram – Road to Fame

Nancy started her journey with an e-commerce platform called Meesho. She began posting haul videos of the clothes she made on Meesho. People liked his strange and beautiful designs very much. Within no time her hall videos brought her some fame.

However, initially she also had to face a lot of trolling and body shaming. People started criticizing it for its shape and design. But despite all this, Nancy did not lose courage and continued her work. She kept creating new designs and posting their pictures on her Instagram. Gradually, his followers started increasing and people started appreciating his talent.

Made a place in the fashion world with hard work

Nancy’s biggest specialty was her gown and saree designing. With the same ease with which people sewed clothes, she used to make complete outfits for them. She made gowns and sarees of famous actresses like Alia Bhatt, Deepika Padukone, Kangana Ranaut with her own hands.

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Her greatest feat was when she made herself a pink ruffle gown. She used 1,000 meters of fabric and took more than a month to create this stunning gown. It was not easy to make this heavy 20 kg gown, but Nancy put in all her hard work. The design of the gown was so attractive that it made the wearer look like a princess.

Great style at Cannes Film Festival

At the 77th Cannes Film Festival, Nancy walked the ramp in a pink ruffle gown made by herself. Her confident gait and beautiful gown caught everyone’s attention. Media around the world praised him and gave headlines to his unique achievement.

The special thing was that he answered the media’s questions in Hindi only. Nowadays many Indian celebrities prefer the English language while interacting with the media. But Nancy, being proud of her mother tongue Hindi, spoke only in Hindi. A translator was also present with him who translated the questions and answers of the media.

With this kind of attitude, Nancy not only took pride in herself but also respected the culture and mother tongue of the country. His courage and confidence won the hearts of people.

The phase of comeback and success continues

Nancy’s brilliant performance at the Cannes Film Festival was so appreciated that she was invited to Cannes in the next year i.e. 2024. This time she appeared in an all-sequins gown made by herself, which also included a backless blouse and hood. On this occasion also he spoke to the media in Hindi only.

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His second appearance was a proud moment not only for him but also for the country. Once again a girl from a small town proved her talent and made Indian culture proud.

Actually, in big festivals like Cannes, celebrities make headlines with their designer outfits. But Nancy’s case was completely different from these. She not only designed her gown herself but also did the entire work from sewing to making it herself.

Despite coming from a low-income rural family and not having any formal training in fashion designing, Nancy made her mark with her talent and hard work. He proved that if the will is strong and hard work is done with dedication, any goal in life can be achieved.

In short,

Nancy Tyagi is an amazing girl who came from a small village and achieved great success. Her life story tells us that failure should not discourage us but we should continue our hard work. With her determination and tireless work, she made a glorious journey from a village girl to becoming a star fashion designer on the biggest stage in the world. From her life we ​​learn that if there is will power, strong belief and passion to work hard, then any dream can be realized. That is why Nancy’s story has emerged as an inspiration for everyone. Protection Status