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Fake iPhone scam: 3 brothers defrauded Apple of Rs 50 crore

Fake iPhone scam: 3 brothers defrauded Apple of Rs 50 crore-Friends, today we will talk about a shocking case in which three brothers together defrauded the world’s largest tech company Apple of more than Rs 50 crore. Yes, you will definitely be surprised to hear this but this is the truth.

fraud method

This fraud started when a person named Zhiwei Allen Liao along with his two brothers made a plan. They ordered fake but genuine looking iPhones and iPads from China. Then the serial numbers of genuine Apple products were put on these fake products.

had committed fraud before too

The judge strongly criticized

According to a report, when Liao started realizing that his business could be caught, he sent fake iPhones and some money to many people so that if he was ever caught, they too could be implicated. But the police arrested him and his two brothers after their investigation.

During the case hearing, a judge emphasized the seriousness of Liao’s actions, saying that he led a criminal organization that smuggled counterfeit Apple products throughout North America for several years. The judge said that his role in this case was most important as he was the mastermind behind this illegal activity.


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Police and FBI revealed

This entire matter was revealed first by the San Diego Police Department and then by the FBI. Together they exposed this fraud after several months of investigation. The FBI said in its disclosure that under the leadership of Liao, his brothers and many other people together caused a loss of about $ 6.1 million i.e. more than Rs 50 crore to Apple.

punishment and warning

Ultimately Liao was sentenced to 4 years in prison for his crime. The judge warned him that if he did anything like this again, his punishment could be increased further. Liao’s two brothers were also sentenced and heavy fines were also imposed on them.

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Lessons and Messages

Friends, we get a big lesson from this whole matter that we should always be alert and aware. We should try to protect not only ourselves but also the people around us from any kind of scam and fraud. Also we should know that it is our moral duty to respect and obey the law.

Such scams and fraud cases not only cause losses to companies but also have a negative impact on the entire society. Therefore, everyone has to come together to be alert and condemn such activities so that our society remains fair and peaceful. Thank you.

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