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E-Challan Deception: How to Outsmart Scammers and Save Your Money

E-Challan Deception: How to Outsmart Scammers and Save Your Money-In recent times, incidents of e-challan fraud are increasing. Fraudsters are targeting people’s bank accounts by sending fake e-challans. Therefore, it is very important to avoid this type of fraud.

Difference between real and fake e-challan

  • Identifying genuine e-challan
    • Checking challan on the official website of Transport Department: You can easily download your challan by visiting the website If you don’t see the invoice here, chances are the message sent to you is fake.
    • Domain ending with The link to the original challan will end with domain. If the link is ending in another domain then that is suspicious.
    • Complete vehicle and owner information included: The original challan will contain the vehicle photograph, vehicle details and complete owner information.

Identification of fake e-challan

 - Messages coming from common numbers: If you have received an e-challan message from an unknown or common number, do not trust it.
 - Risk of data theft by clicking on links: Clicking on fake links can lead to theft of your bank account and credit/debit card information.
 - Redirecting to illegal websites: Many times a fake link redirects to an illegal website from where your personal information is stolen.

conspiracies of fraudsters

  • Stealing bank details by sending fake links: Fraudsters send fake e-challan links to people as test messages. As soon as a person clicks on this link, his bank details are stolen.
  • Copying genuine websites: Many times fraudsters create websites that exactly copy government websites, making the link appear genuine. But the purpose of these websites is only to steal people’s personal information.
  • Trapping through test messages: Messages coming from numbers of telecom companies can also mislead people. Therefore, one should not trust any message coming from any unknown number.
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safety measures

  • Do not click on the link: In case of any doubt the link should not be clicked.
  • Contact the police on the helpline: If you have received any suspicious message, you can call the police helpline number and lodge a complaint.
  • Confirm e-challan: You can download and confirm your challan by visiting the Transport Department website itself.
  • Contact the bank if the account is emptied: If your bank account has been emptied due to any fraud, then immediately contact your bank and report the problem.

Awareness campaign to prevent fraud

  • Educating people: Government and private organizations should together educate people about e-challan fraud.
  • Social Media Campaign: Continuous awareness campaigns should be conducted on social media so that people can avoid such frauds.
  • Issuance of warnings by government agencies: Government agencies should continuously issue warnings and take strict action against fraudsters.


E-challan fraud is becoming a serious problem. In recent years, incidents of such fraud have been increasing continuously and lakhs of people have become victims of it. We have to be extremely cautious and not trust any suspicious link or message. Also, the government and private institutions will have to work together to find a solution to this problem so that people’s money can be protected and fraudsters can be punished. If we all unite and fight against this problem, then this fraud will definitely be controlled.

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