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  • Age: 49 Years
  • Hometown: Delhi
  • Boyfriend: Nicolas Germain Bachmann

Some Lesser Known Facts About Saurabh Kirpal

  • Saurabh Kirpal, one of the Indian Senior advocate in India, LGBTQ+ activist, and the author of an autobiography. In the month of November 2021, he was the subject of headlines for being the first gay openly senior advocate who was recommended to the appointment of a judge in the Delhi High Court.
  • Saurabh who is a self-professed gay lawyer, spoke about coming out and his story of coming out during an interview. He explained,
    I was aware of my sexuality at an young time… it took a while to realize my sexuality. The experience was lonely time… It was a lonely experience. did not have imagined that I would be able to live happily with a woman. I ended up having an unfaithful marriage and bringing great discontent for her and, at a minimum equally unhappiness for myself. It was among the most difficult things for me to be open about. I was devastated… My parents were not supportive. didn’t come out to my parents until in my mid – to late teens. But the moment I came into my parent’s home was among the most memorable moments of my life. It was a joyous and wonderful moment… Dad was shocked to hear that but was very happy to be with me and would love me regardless of what. My mother admitted that she had sort was aware of it, but wasn’t certain. She also would be supportive of whatever choices I made.”
  • As an advocate in senior status Saurabh was once dreaming to be an astronaut when growing up, since the subject he was most interested in was Astronomy and science. According to Kirpal his passion for the subject matter prompted him to go after a physics degree. Kirpal also said in an interview that at first the idea of taking law classes in Oxford University due to lack of money, however, the university offered him a scholarship, and he was accepted into Oxford University. Kirpal told the media,
    I was planning to study the law course in Delhi University, but I decided that I wanted to broaden my horizons and explore life outside of India even if it meant that I never intended to stay in India permanently. I made an application to Oxford to study law. when I was accepted to Oxford however, I wasn’t certain that I would be able to attend. I was contingent on being awarded the scholarship I was lucky enough to be able to obtain.”
  • Saurabh is also a fan of drinking alcohol drinks. Saurabh Kirpal, holding an alcoholic drink in a glass
  • When Saurabh obtained his degree in law at University of Cambridge. University of Cambridge, he was a member of in the United Nations in Geneva for an indefinite period, and later went back in India in the late 1990s to work at the Supreme Court of India. In the Supreme Court, the advocate was involved in a variety of cases of commercial, civil as well as constitutional laws. Over 20 years, Kirpal was also a lawyer under Attorney General and the senior Supreme Court lawyer Mukul Rohatgi.
  • Kirpal’s most famous clients are Anil Ambani in a case involving the brother of his, Indian popular chef Ritu Dalmia and many others.
  • Saurabh is a lawyer as well as an LGBTQ+ activist, was as well part of the team of lawyers who worked to get rid of Section 377 back in the month of September, 2018. He was the lawyer who was the one to argue on behalf of Navtej Singh Johor vs. Union of India in the court. After being interviewed shortly after the verdict was handed down, Saurabh said,
    The ruling didn’t look too dramatic because Section 377 was only a way to make consensual homosexual sexual sex unlawful… The law of Section 377 was only a reference to sexually explicit gay sex that was consensual, but because the act was considered a criminal offense,, it also had an impact on other issues too. Legal changes, such as the ruling of Section 377, are likely to gradually assist in bringing about changes in society. I believe that history has taught us that across the globe, positive change in people in LGBTQIA+ community began by amending laws.” Saurabh Kirpal and lawyers who assisted in scrapping Section 377.
  • According to reports in the media In October of 2017, Saurabh’s name was unanimously suggested to be the permanent judge of the Delhi High Court by the Delhi High Court Collegium comprising of Chief Justice Gita Mittal and justices Sanjeev Khanna and Ravindra Bhat. The recommendation was later delayed.
  • Kirpal’s name was mentioned three times for his appointment as the judge was delayed 3 times after it was first recommended in the year 2017. Following the third time the senior advocate took to the media to voice his shock and accept the possibility that his sexual orientation could have hindered his advancement. Saurabh told reporters in an interview that
    Reports from the media suggested that the problem could have been the nationality of my spouse whom I am Swiss. If I were an unmarried man with a foreign partner it could not be an issue. the former Supreme Court judges have had foreign spouses. However, it was an issue because I’m not.”
  • After almost four years in March 2021 Kirpal was promoted to the rank of senior advocate in the Delhi High Court after all the judges from the Delhi High Court unanimously endorsed Kirpal’s appointment.
  • In November 2021 In November 2021, in November 2021, the Supreme Court collegium led by Chief Justice of India N. V. Ramana again recommended Saurabh to be appointed as a judge in the Delhi high court and referred his information to the Law Ministry. The decision was lauded by all across the country since Saurabh was expected to be the first judge who was gay in India.
  • Advocates also wear the role that of an writer. In 2020, he wrote an article titled “Sex and the Supreme Court: How the Law is Upholding the Dignity of the Indian Citizen.” The book is an anthology made up of a collection of essays of well-known Indian attorneys and justices, including Justice A. K. Sikri, Justice B. D. Ahmed, Justice M. B. Lokur, Menaka Guruswamy, Arundhati Katju, Mukul Rohatgi , and Madhavi Divan. The book was created by Saurabh Kirpal
  • According to Saurabh his father, who was the Chief Justice in India and the his senior lawyer Mukul Rohatgi are his mentors.
  • He is also the trustee for an NGO in Delhi, named “Naz Foundation Trust,” which is renowned for its key part in ensuring that Section 377 scrapped in India.
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