Keira Knightley refuses to shoot love scenes directed by a man

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Keira Knightley refuses to shoot love scenes directed by a man

Pirates of the Caribbean idol reveals ‘disclaimer’ in movie contracts

Keira Knightley has had huge success, especially from Gen Z and Millennials, for her strong female characters in movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and The Imitation Game. Recently, she has once again won hearts with her position on the set of love scenes.

During her chat for the Chanel Connects podcast, the actress said, “I don’t have an absolute ban. [on filming n-de scenes], but I’m a little bit interested in men. The actress explained that this was mainly due to her male gaze, not because of her refusal to make a statement. “It’s part pomp, part male looks,” she said.

What is the male gaze?

According to Laura Mulvey, the Male Gaze theory is the portrayal of women in the media as primarily subjects seen from a heterosexual male perspective. For this reason, women are often portrayed as passive subjects or objects that arouse desire in men.

The 35-year-old actress added that now a “don’t say no clause” has been added to her contract when signing the movie. She added after she became a mother in 2015. Keira Knightley added that she would prefer to work with a female director in films revolving around women’s stories and issues.

“If I did a story about this journey of motherhood and body
[acceptance]”I’m sorry but I feel like it should be with a female director,” he said. She believes that a woman can better understand female characters and portray them more accurately. “If it’s about motherhood, how wonderful this body is, how you suddenly look at this body that you have to know and is yours, and it’s seen in a completely different way and it has changed in ways that are incomprehensible to you. I am ready.

“But now I feel very uncomfortable trying to portray the male look,” Knightley said. Her body has undergone major changes since she had two children and she is not very comfortable shooting scenes directed by a group of men. “Because I’m so arrogant and the corpse now has two children and I’d rather not stand in front of a bunch of black men.”

Keira Knightley realizes that there are certain scenes in movies where it’s absolutely crucial to include a love scene because it pushes the narrative forward and serves as an important plot point. However, if she is in this scene, she is uncomfortable with the idea of ​​being filmed and directed by a man. The actress said, “I don’t want it to be those horrible love scenes where you all get pumped and everyone moans. I’m not interested in doing this. You could use someone else by saying, “Yeah, I totally understand where the sex would be really good in this movie, and you just need someone to look sexy.”