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Why Apple Warns Against Putting Wet iPhones in Rice

Why Apple Warns Against Putting Wet iPhones in Rice– Issuing a warning to its customers, Apple company has said that one should not put their wet iPhone in a bag of rice. Doing this may cause further damage to your phone. The company believes that small particles of rice can get inside the phone and damage its components.

Ineffectiveness of rice

Generally people use rice to dry wet phones, because they think that rice absorbs moisture. But investigation has shown that your rice is not very good at doing this. Other items, such as silica gel packets or crystallized cat litter, are much better for this purpose.

This method dates back to the history of photography in 1946, when it was used to protect cameras from moisture. Over the years, phone users have resorted to several risky methods to save wet devices, such as using a hair dryer or dousing them in alcohol.

Here is Some Advice Given by apple

Apple provides its customers with these instructions on what to do if their iPhone gets wet:

  • Switch off the phone and wipe it with soft cotton. Doing this will not cause any additional damage and will not shock the phone.
  • Take out the SIM card and gently shake the phone with the charging port facing down so that excess water comes out. Be careful not to shake it too hard otherwise the internal parts of the phone may get damaged.
  • Keep the phone in a dry place with good ventilation and wait for at least 5 hours. During this period, do not move the phone or put any pressure on it. So that the water inside it can slowly come out.
  • Use a moisture-absorbent substance such as silica gel packets or crystallized cat litter to absorb any remaining moisture. Do not use rice as it can cause debris to accumulate inside the phone which can cause further damage.
  • Look for the water damage indicator, which is a small visible red dot inside the SIM card tray. If this red dot is visible then it means that the phone is wet and needs to be repaired soon.
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