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What is Hanooman Ai, Features, Benefits, Importance and Uses, Launched Date

What is Hanooman Ai- India is a multilingual country where apart from Hindi, many other languages are spoken and written. However, existing AI models are mostly trained on English or other major languages. Due to this, the majority population of India who speaks and writes in their mother tongue remains deprived. To bridge this gap, Reliance Industries and a consortium of 9 IITs have developed Hanuman AI. It supports 22 Indian languages.

What is Hanuman AI?

Hanuman AI is a large-scale language model working in 22 official languages of India. It has parameters ranging from 1.5 billion to 40 billion. It is trained on huge amounts of text, audio and video data from Indian languages.

Hanuman AI is scheduled to launch in March 2024. It has been developed by a joint effort of Sita Mahalaxmi Healthcare (SML), a subsidiary of Reliance Industries, and the BharatGPT ecosystem, comprising 9 IITs including IIT Bombay.

The name Hanuman is derived from the mighty god Hanuman ji who is known for his strength, intelligence and dedication.

How Hanuman AI works

Hanuman AI is an artificial intelligence model developed in India with the support of Reliance Industries and in collaboration with eight IIT universities. This AI model has been named after the Hindu deity Hanumanji. It is designed to deliver services in financial services, healthcare, education and governance sectors in 11 local languages.


Features of Hanuman AI

Hanuman AI is equipped with multimodal AI features. That means it can generate and understand text, audio and video in different formats and domains. Following are some of its main features:

  • Language Translation: Hanuman AI can translate between different Indian languages and English.
  • Speech to Writing: It can convert audio to text and text to audio.
  • Video summaries and captions: Hanuman can generate captions and summaries for videos.
  • Computer Code and Queries: Can write code and understands database queries.
  • Q&A & Chat: Hanuman AI can answer users’ questions and chat with them.
  • Content Creation: It can write poems, stories, essays etc.
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Uses of Hanuman AI

Hanuman AI can be used in many industries and sectors, such as:

Healthcare: Hanuman can help doctors and patients communicate in their preferred language, diagnose diseases, prescribe treatments, and provide health education.

Education: Hanuman can help teachers and students access learning content in their mother tongue, create personalized curriculum, and assess learning outcomes.

Financial Services: Hanuman can help customers and providers access banking and insurance products, manage transactions and investments, and prevent fraud and cyber attacks.

Governance: Hanuman can help citizens and officials connect with government services and schemes, lodge complaints, and participate in democratic processes.

Importance of Hanuman AI

Hanuman AI is extremely important for India because it:

  • Provides empowerment: It will empower millions of Indians who speak and write in their mother tongue, and give them access to information, opportunities and services that were previously inaccessible or limited.
  • Improves quality and efficiency: It can improve quality and efficiency across various sectors and domains, and improve the lives and livelihoods of people across the country.
  • Promotes innovation and research: It will promote innovation and research in the field of AI, and help establish India as a global leader in developing and deploying AI solutions for social good.

With its open-source and user-friendly features, Hanuman AI aims to democratize AI for all Indians, and have a positive impact on society and the economy.

It is clear that Hanuman AI will be a big step forward for the linguistic diversity of India. This will prove to be a milestone in India’s AI journey! Protection Status