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What is Boximator AI- New methods are emerging in the field of social media. TikTok has also introduced a new thing – an app called Boximator AI. With this app, it has become very easy to make videos and show moving objects in them. In this post we will understand about Boximeter in detail.

What is Boximator AI and how does it work?

Boximator AI is a new tool that has come to TikTok. With this you can create animation of things in your video. It has a magical pen that can create boxes. A soft box allows things to move slowly. A rigid box keeps things in one place. With the help of these boxes, the app understands where and how to move what.

This app is very easy to use. In this you just have to open the video and then make boxes on it. To make a soft box, slowly make marks with the pen so that a soft line is formed. The goal is to create a clean, rigid square for the rigid box. By doing this the app recognizes the objects present in the video and starts moving them in the same way as the boxes are created. Even if something goes wrong, you can fix it by remaking the box.

What are the benefits of Boximeter?

Boximeter has many benefits which make it very interesting and useful:

  • Making animation has become very easy with this. What earlier only expert animators could do, now even a common man can do it.
  • This reduces mistakes because you are directly telling the app what to move where. Earlier people used to write down how things should move and many mistakes would have been made.
  • Boximeter lets you show things in new and interesting ways. New ideas can come as to how smartly animation can be done.
  • It is very easy for even beginners to learn how to create animations as this app is very simple and convenient. Anyone can learn to use it in just a few minutes.
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Where can Boximeter be useful?

Boximeter is a very versatile app and has many uses. Take a look at some examples:

  • In advertisements: Advertising companies can show products very easily through this. In the video, the products being advertised can be shaken, moving and attracting the attention of the viewers.
  • For studies: Teachers can make studies interesting by making animated videos. For example, you can show a picture of a mall by shaking it or show an animation of how electricity is created.
  • For designers: Architects, fashion designers etc. can present their new designs in an interesting way. For example, a map of a new house can be shown moving in the video or a new clothing design can be shown moving.
  • Filmmaking: Boximeter can also be used in short films and music videos. Boximeter can be of great help for visual effects. conclusion

Boximeter has opened a new path in TikTok. This has made it very easy to create animations and millions of people can use their creativity to create new and interesting videos.

This will also boost people’s imagination as they can try many new methods. You can think and show anything. In this way new thoughts and ideas will begin to flourish.

Whether you’re an animation pro or a beginner, Boximator can help you unleash your creativity. It gives you the power to create great animations in a simple and easy way.


The possibilities for using the Boximeter are huge. It can be used in fields like advertising, education, designing, film-making etc. So try Boximator and let your creativity run wild with its help! Protection Status