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Who is Kalicharan Maharaj, Biography History Kalicharan Maharaj History Age

Biography of Kalicharan Maharaj

A video of Kalicharan Maharaj is becoming quite viral on YouTube and social media in which objectionable remarks were made by him about Mahatma Gandhi. After this, many people had filed a case against Kalicharan for insulting Mahatma Gandhi, after which the police became active and according to the latest update, the arrest of Kalicharan Maharaj from Khajuraho on the basis of the statement given by the police on Mahatma Gandhi. 30/12/2021 around 2:00 PM.

Kalicharan Maharaj gave a controversial statement on Mahatma Gandhi in the Parliament of Religions held in Chhattisgarh and since then people are searching on the internet that who is Kalicharan Maharaj. Let us tell you about the biography of Kalicharan Maharaj.

Biography of Kalicharan Maharaj

Name:Kalicharan Maharaj
real nameAbhijeet Dhananjay Sarag
Surname :King
birth place:Akola, Maharashtra
Birth Year:1973
Father :Dhananjay Rao
Mother :Sunita Devi
Height:173 cm
Weight:65 kg
Zodiac:circle symbol
Hair Color:Black
Eye Colour:Black
best of vines:recitation of shiva tandav stotra
marital status:Single
Age:49 years

Kalicharan King Of Initial life

Kalicharan Maharaj Ji, who made objectionable statements on Mahatma Gandhi, was born in 1973. Please tell that he was born in Akola district of Maharashtra state of the country. This is the Akola area, it falls in the vicinity of Vidarbha region, which is an area adjacent to Madhya Pradesh. That’s why Kalicharan Maharaj often used to come to Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh.

From the art of talking about Kalicharan, you can know that he has good knowledge of Hindi language along with having knowledge of Marathi. Kalicharan’s father’s name is Dhananjayrao, while his mother is a housewife whose name is Sunita Devi. On the Internet, people call Kalicharan Maharaj as Kali Putra.


The family he was born in was financially a middle class family. Therefore, during his childhood, Kalicharan Maharaj had to face a lot of problems. When Kalicharan Maharaj grew up a little due to poor financial condition of the family, he was sent by his father to his aunt’s house in Indore.

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Please tell that not much information is available on the internet about the family of Kalicharan Maharaj. However, according to the information received, his father currently lives in Akola, Maharashtra and there he works in a medical store.

Kalicharan King Of Education,

It cannot be said with certainty that from which school in Maharashtra, Kalicharan Maharaj has received his early education. However, according to the sources received, it is said that he has completed his studies till class VIII and after that due to some unknown reason he did not pursue further studies.

After leaving school, he started studying the scriptures of Hinduism such as Upanishads and Vedas by staying at home. Apart from this, he also read other religious books. Kalicharan Maharaj is considered to be a man of Hindutva ideology, which is clearly visible from his statement on Mahatma Gandhi.

Kalicharan King Of wife

Till a few days ago, very few people knew about Kalicharan Maharaj ji, but because of his controversial statement, today many people want to know who is the wife of Kalicharan Maharaj, then for your information, tell that Kalicharan Maharaj has He has not married yet and will not marry further, mainly because he had adopted celibacy in his childhood and he had decided in his mind that he would not marry for the rest of his life. Thus the question of his being a wife does not arise.

Why said go Is Kalicharan To Black Son,

Kalicharan Maharaj is called as Kali Putra. In such a situation, there is a curiosity inside people that why this son of Kali calls himself, then let us tell you that Kalicharan Maharaj himself has told about this.

He has said that once he had become a victim of an accident and the leg that he had in that accident had turned around 90 degrees, but one day in a dream, Mata Kali appeared to Kalicharan Maharaj and slowly under his influence. Slowly Kalicharan Maharaj’s foot reached the verge of recovery and one day his foot got cured and being pleased with this effect and miracle of Mata Kali, Kalicharan Maharaj accepted Mata Kali as his mother and considered himself as his son.

Thus he started calling himself Kali Putra and this also became his nickname. Kalicharan Maharaj does daily worship and especially worships Mata Kali because he has accepted Mata Kali as his mother.

Anupam Kher has Why share Did Kalicharan King Of Video

Anupam Kher is very active on social media and it was he who shared the video of Shiv Tandav Stotra performed by Kalicharan Maharaj on social media a few months back. The total timing of this video was 2 minutes and 22 seconds.

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In the video, Kalicharan Maharaj was seen reciting Shiv Tandav Stotra in which he was wearing ocher colored clothes. In the video, Kalicharan Maharaj is sitting in front of Shivling.

When Anupam Kher shared the video of Kalicharan Maharaj’s recitation of Shiv Tandav Stotra, many people saw it and many people shared it and since then gradually people started to know about Kalicharan Maharaj and left the right stone unturned. Due to the controversial statement made by Maharaj on Mahatma Gandhi, it was completed. Due to this statement, Kalicharan Maharaj came into the limelight. Now a huge amount of search is being done on the Internet about them.

Kalicharan King Feather Conflict

People are curious about Kalicharan Maharaj because he had given such a statement on Mahatma Gandhi only a few days ago, due to which there was an earthquake in the country.

Gandhi supporters in particular became furious over him. In fact, the Dharma Sansad was organized in Raipur district of Chhattisgarh, in which Kalicharan Maharaj was invited along with many other sages.

When Kalicharan Maharaj came to speak in this Dharma Sansad, he said some such things against Mahatma Gandhi which Gandhi supporters did not like.

Kalicharan Maharaj had said in his statement that Nathuram Godse did the right thing by killing Mahatma Gandhi because every person has the right to protect religion.

It was only this statement that caused disaster on Kalicharan Maharaj and after the FIR was registered, the police had to arrest him from Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh. However, there is no dearth of people who supported this statement of Kalicharan Maharaj.

To support Kalicharan Maharaj ji, now a trend is also being run on Twitter and support is being sought for Kalicharan Maharaj on Facebook as well. In this way the Gandhians and the Hindus are at loggerheads over Kalicharan Maharaj.

Akola From fighting have passed Huh Town Corporation Of Election,

A special thing about them is that they have also tried their luck in the 2017 municipal elections in Akola district of Maharashtra. However, he had to face defeat in this election. Since then he never contested any election again.

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Kalicharan King From join Some interesting Fact

Mother Kali had appeared in a dream to Kalicharan Maharaj and due to her influence, his feet were cured. That’s why since then he calls himself as Kali Putra.

Kalicharan Maharaj ji is a staunch devotee of Mata Kali. That is why they do not wash every morning and worship Mother Kali with full rituals. Apart from this, they also do the same activities in the evening time.

Kalicharan Maharaj ji is very fond of animals. Especially they have a lot of attachment to dogs and cow mother. That is why they feed roti to the dog and cow mother every morning.

Kalicharan Maharaj Ji is a strong supporter of Nathuram Godse. Apart from this, he is a strong supporter of Hindutva ideology. According to them every Hindu should organize to face Islamic Jihad.

Kalicharan Maharaj has recently come into the limelight, but he has been going to various types of religious events for a long time and has been giving speeches there.

Due to lack of interest in studies, he left his studies only after completing up to the eighth standard and after that he started studying religious texts, under which he read books of Vedas, Upanishads, Ramayana, Gita, Mahabharata.

You will get to see a confluence of both Marathi and Hindi language in their dialect and language.

Kalicharan Maharaj is also active on Instagram. He created his Instagram account in the month of July of the year 2020. Apart from this, he has also created his own YouTube channel to upload the sermons given by him.


Q: Who is Kalicharan Maharaj?

Ans: Kalicharan Maharaj is a right-wing Hindu saint who is an ardent devotee of Kali Mata.Q: Where was Kalicharan Maharaj born?

Ans: He was born in Akola district of Maharashtra state.Q: Why is Kalicharan Maharaj in discussion?

Ans: The reason for his coming to the discussion is to appreciate Nathuram Godse in the Parliament of Religions held in Chhattisgarh and make controversial statements against Mahatma Gandhi.Q: When and why did Kalicharan Maharaj come into the discussion?

Ans: Kalicharan Maharaj had uploaded a video on YouTube reciting Shiv Tandav Stotra, which was shared by Anupam Kher, then it came into the limelight.Q: What statement did Kalicharan Maharaj give in the Parliament of Religions?

Ans: He had said that Nathuram Godse did right by killing Mahatma Gandhi because Mahatma Gandhi’s ideology and his policies were not right for India.Q: Has Kalicharan Maharaj been arrested?

Ans: Yes, today Kalicharan Maharaj has been arrested from Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh.Q: What will happen after Kalicharan Maharaj is arrested?

Ans: Now the case will go against them in the court in which the counsel of the opposition and the lawyer of Kalicharan Maharaj will argue. Protection Status