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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 Info Watch Free New Episode

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 Info

The lead pair of Sony TV’s Ek Duje Ke Vaaste is back with a new twist. This family drama will shift its focus to a war zone. Both Mohit Kumar and Vidhi Pandya are known for their chemistry on screen. The show is slated to end on March 31, so fans should tune in to catch up on the latest episodes. Here are some things you need to know about the upcoming episodes.

ek duje ke vaaste 2

First off, Ek Duje Ke Vaaste is a comedy-drama set against the backdrop of the army. It will star a young man named Kanikka Kapur. The show has been receiving mixed reviews from critics. But the fans are already excited for the sequel. The show is still set to air on Sony TV in January 2020. While it will feature many familiar faces, there are a few changes that fans should be aware of.

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 is not being cancelled, although it will be on hiatus for a while. The second season will air on SonyLiv for free every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 PM. The fans of the show have been raving about the chemistry between the two leads. The fans have praised Kanikka’s acting and wished her luck. They are also looking forward to Kaun Banega Crorepati season 12.


The second season of Ek Duje Ke Vaaste will be telecast on the Sony Liv platform after its premiere on 10 February 2020. The series will follow the same cast members as its predecessor. The two main characters, Shravan and Suman, were teenage lovers who split apart after a few years. After a few years, they reunite in Ladakh where Shravan is serving in the army.

Kanikka Kapur has quit Ek Duje ke Vaaste. The actress has said that she is leaving the show because she wants to pursue her career with a different show. The show will also continue to be hosted on Sony Liv, but the original series will be broadcast on TLC and other television channels. The cast of Ek Duje Ke Vaaste will be replaced by Vidhi Pandya.

Development and casting

Shravan and Suman have a difficult relationship. Initially, they are both friends but later on, Shravan is angry and suman is suspicious of him. When they realize the truth, they realize that they have a love affair. However, Shravan is a misogynist, which is why he is very jealous and is a jealous person.

After meeting with Suman and Amber, they become friends. When they are not together, they meet Col. Tiwari, who is a doctor, who is honoured at the Army Event. Veer and Suman are present at the event. They have a great time chatting. While their relationship is developing, Shravan is becoming increasingly angry and the former becomes jealous.

Shravan gets angry at his sister. She tells him that he was not aware of his aunt’s birthday, and Shravan is furious. This makes Shravan feel guilty for not knowing her mother’s birthday. This makes the two feel embarrassed and ashamed and they decide to split. But they do not want to give up on their relationship. They also learn that their father is not in love with them.

love story starts

The love story starts with Shravan meeting Suman’s sister, Suman. The two get acquainted again at the army cantonment. The two of them end up meeting each other again, and this time, Shravan’s father is the one who gave Shravan the responsibility to hand over the file to his sister. When they meet, they fall in love, but Shravan’s daughter-in-law is upset.

Shravan and Sophie go on a date, but both are afraid that their father will find out. They decide to get closer, and this makes them both realize they have to respect each other. They start bonding and make up. They are a couple, but not a couple! But they are not able to live without their father. In fact, they are not even talking to each other at all!


The program is embeded in Bhopal. Shravan Malhotra, an indulged and unrestrained noncombatant teenager, sent out to a military institution to learn technique where he meets Suman Tiwari, a completely disciplined and ambitious girl from an army household that is the child of Colonel Vijay Tiwari that is, consequently, Shravan’s papa, Devraj’s close friend. Originally, both despise each other because of their various backgrounds.

Shravan disapproval the discrimination between army and noncombatant pupils as well as the disputes this frequently brings about. Suman and Shravan are regularly at odds with each other as they attempt to confirm the various other’s sight wrong. Nevertheless, despite their continuous clashes, Shravan falls in love with Suman. He attempts to confess his love to her yet hesitates. Shravan’s father has a debate with Suman’s dad, Vijay, and also both households grow to dislike each other. Numerous occurrences happen, increasing this tension. On the other hand, Suman learns about Shravan’s feelings for her. She mistakes this to be simply an adolescent crush and also makes a decision to ask him to be her best friend rather. Shravan finally admits his love to Suman. Hearing the confession, she makes a decision not to continue to be touching him as she worries that refraining so will certainly cause Shravan much more discomfort, unaware that deep down, she has feelings for him too. Separately, Anish challenges Shravan by placing Suman’s honour at stake. In order to safeguard her, Shravan occupies the obstacle. While both are competing, Shravan falls from a high wall surface yet Suman risks her own life and also conserves him. When examined by Shravan concerning why she took such a substantial risk simply to save him, Suman is not able to respond to as well as therefore she becomes aware exactly how deeply she has fallen for him. The following day, she admits her feelings for him. Later, they both go on a date where Suman was kidnapped and later on conserved by Shravan. A massive misconception breaks out in between both their family members due to which Shravan ends up pathetically pleading Suman’s grandfather to not take the issue further. Suman views this scenario helplessly as well as later breaks down as she dislikes seeing Shravan plead. They satisfy at SuVan corner on a regular basis to talk, examine with each other, teach each other new things and give presents per other. Later on they permanently tattoo each other’s name – Shravan on his upper body as well as Suman on her back.

After months of secret love, they are ultimately found practically kissing by their households. Infuriated, both family members make a decision to send their children away so that they do not satisfy each other. Shravan and Suman make a decision to run off so that they can buy time hoping their family members will recognize their true love for each various other and also approve their connection. Elsewhere, Vijay obtains eliminated while dealing with insurrectionists in a counterinsurgency procedure. Suman is sorry for that she had actually been chilly towards her daddy in their last conference. Devraj is detained on costs of making a low-grade armor and also goods for the military and also is blamed for Vijay’s fatality. Suman believes this as well as breaks up with Shravan, leaving him sad.

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After 7 years

Disgust has actually made both Shravan as well as Suman unfamiliar people per various other for the last 7 years. Shravan is a captain in the Dhar routine of the Indian Military. He is taken into consideration an adventurer by his squad. Unidentified to him, Suman is currently a Doctor captain in the AMC. The when flawlessly disciplined, loyal, and also cheerful Suman has currently developed right into a strict yet defiant and also unmanageable military physician who does not worship anybody. Both currently stay in damaged family members- Suman’s mommy disappears and in her lack, Suman’s once loving aunt currently has property-related issues with Suman. On the other hand, Shravan is struggling to handle his papa’s lawful problems in addition to his uncle that is now a clinically depressed divorcee. Additionally, Shravan’s cousin, Avni, now lives with her mom and also stays clear of Rajendra. On the other hand, Suman’s attorney, Vikram, is interested in Suman as well as attempts to impress her.

Separately, both of them prepare for the last decision of the instance which was filed versus Shravan’s papa by Suman’s household long back. For the exact same, they go back to their residence town Bhopal, where they meet all of a sudden. It so happened that Suman’s relative sibling Veer was conserved by Shravan from a fatal vehicle collision, in which Shravan gets grievously harmed. Ensuing their abrupt meet, they treasure extreme hostility and contempt for every other as a result of their past. To their dismay, the Military Hospital Commander designates Suman to treat Shravan. Meanwhile, Kanchan, Suman’s relative sister, returns from her hostel, and Vikram befriends Shravan, that unwittingly assists Vikram impress Suman. Shravan likewise is familiar with that Vikram as well as Suman remain in a partnership, enraging him.

A few weeks later on, the situation verdict is out and also Shravan wins the situation. Suman is dejected because she feels that she couldn’t give justice to Vijay. At Veer’s birthday celebration party, both Suman and Shravan admit their heart out and just how much they missed out on each other throughout their hard times. The confession becomes an argument as she still really feels that the earlier punishment offered to Devraj is not nearly enough. The following day, Suman files the case once more in the high court. Vikram notices the tiff in between both as well as hence Suman discloses their previous connection to Vikram yet she stated it as a senior high school destination. This bugs Shravan and also he pledges to aggravate Suman.

Shravan sells his residence but is incapable to find any kind of alternative accommodation as he requires to remain for a few days more as a result of his recuperating injury. Suman’s aunt asks Shravan to stay as a paying visitor in their house, to which he agreed. Sophie is then presented. Sharavan and also Sophie click instantly that makes Suman fairly envious. After an experience with Vikram, Sophie tells Shravan that she is the ex-girlfriend of Vikram. Vikram is afraid that Suman might consider him a loser due to the fact that Sophie had unloaded him earlier therefore, he does not show up for the invited dinner which hurts Suman. Suman is ridiculed by Chachi. This makes Shravan unfortunate and also he aids Vikram in understanding his mistake. Suman is familiar with this which increases her regard for Shravan. They start to have the excellent treatment and also bond once more just to realize that they have been harmed by each other in the past as well as needs to not allow their internal sensations take control of. They choose to reveal each other that they have ‘carried on’ by getting closer to their corresponding companions.

During a wedding event, Avni goes to the Malhotra house once again and immediately understands that Suman and also Shravan still have strong feelings for every various other. Independently, Suman, as well as Shravan each, recognize that they still enjoy each other. On discovering that Shravan had actually assisted him in her economic problems furtively, Suman determines Shravan still cares for her as well as she vows to dig the reality. But prior to she might interrogate Shravan, she sees Shravan with Sophie as well as mistakes them to be dating. Unhappy, she determines versus admitting as well as to proceed with some delighted memories of time invested with Shravan. She also withdraws the judicial case against Shravan’s father. On the other hand, based on Bunty’s point of view, Shravan obtains an inkling that Suman feels for her and also tries to disclose his love to the latter. However before he can admit, Suman accedes to Vikram’s marital relationship proposal. It renders Shravan sad and he identifies to drift away from Suman as soon as possible so as to not trigger any kind of pain to either Suman or Vikram.

As Shravan has healed and also is fit to join his command and resume his obligation, he urges to scram away quickly. It struggles Suman further as she craved for Shravan’s business. Shravan’s sudden separation devastates Suman. She consults with a small road mishap as a result of incautious driving and also strains her ankle joint. On hearing the news, Shravan catches returning Bhopal in order to see Suman.

Few day later, Suman’s engagement is wrapped up with Vikram. Nevertheless, on the day of engagement, Shravan recommends to Suman as well as she accepts, breaking the alliance with Vikram.

After lots of initiatives, SuVan finally manages to get consent for their marriage from their respective households, as well as they get wed. Suman comes to be Major Dr. Suman Malhotra as well as Shravan becomes Significant Shravan Malhotra.

Although their marital relationship as well as love is examined several times, their true love for every other always prevails.

Cast people 

Mohit Kumar as Major Shravan Malhotra of the Dhar Routine: Devraj and Kavita’s son, Suman’s husband. He was a lighthearted, upscale, unrestrained, and spoilt young adult from a noncombatant background. Later, he came to be Suman’s love interest. However, after Vijay’s death, both end their connection. After the leap, he is a captain (later on Major) in the Indian Military (Infantry). Shravan and also Suman got married as they become aware that they still enjoy each other. (2020– 2021).
Kanikka Kapur as Major Dr. Suman Malhotra ADC (née Tiwari): Anjali and Vijay’s little girl, Shravan’s partner. She was a disciplined, enthusiastic teenager that watches the globe from the military’s perspective as she is raised in a family members of army officers. Later, she ended up being Shravan’s love passion. Nonetheless, after her dad’s death, she puts him, degrades Shravan and his dad as well as ends their partnership. After the leap, she is a captain (later on Major) as well as a doctor in the Indian Army Medical Forces (AMC). (2020– 2021).
Vidhi Pandya [3] changed Kapur as Suman Tiwari. (2021 ).

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 brief info

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2
GenreRomantic Drama
Written byDilip Jha
Manu Sharma
Akash Virmani
Aditya Singh
Directed byJai Basant Singh, Ranjeet Gupta
Creative directorUday Berry
StarringMohit Kumar Kanikka Kapur Vidhi Pandya
The opening theme“Ek Duje Ke Vaaste”
ComposersAdil Prashant
Sneha Shankar
Country of originIndia
Original languageHindi
No. of the seasons1
No. of shows218
ProducersDilip Jha
Archita Jha
EditorRocchak Ahuja
Time to run21-22 minutes
Production companiesBindu Moving Images
Team Studio Next
DistributorSony Pictures Networks
Original networkSony Entertainment Television
Image format576i
1080i (HDTV)
Original release10 February 2020 –
31 March 2021
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