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Bryce Christopher Young Biographgy

The most impressive thing about Bryce Christopher Young is that he is an American football quarterback. He played high school football at Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana, California. His passing yardage record is the highest in a single game. His touchdown passes are the most ever in the NFL, and he holds the record for most touchdowns in a game. But he’s not just a football star. He also plays basketball and hockey.

Bryce Young

Primary Education

During his high school days, Bryce Young was a bright prospect. He was a top-ranked high school player and won the USA Today and Los Angeles Times’ High School Offensive Player of the Year awards. In the year 2020, he made his collegiate debut with the Alabama Tide. He finished the season with 156 passing yards and one touchdown. In 2021, he was named the starting quarterback and finished the season with three touchdown passes.

Bryce Christopher Young is an American football player. He started playing the game during his high school days, and later moved to college. While playing college football for the University of Alabama, he broke a record by passing the most number of yards in a single game. Currently, he is a professional quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons. While at the University of Alabama, he played for the Atlanta Falcons, where he is a star.

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Apart from being an excellent football player, Bryce is also a talented athlete. He has an incredible personality, and he’s a real football fan! He was born in Los Angeles, but his parents are from Africa. These two factors make him the most exciting NFL player. If you’re a fan of Bryce Young’s football skills, you won’t be disappointed! The footballer has a long and successful career, and many people love him for his passion.

The Alabama Crimson Tide has a very talented quarterback in Bryce Young. In his freshman year, he was the backup quarterback for the season. However, he was a strong performer and won several awards. He was the most effective player at the University of Alabama in the 2020 season. After making his collegiate debut, Bryce Young played college football for the University of Alabama. He was the most successful quarterback that year, and the team he played for topped the national rankings.



In the last few years, Bryce has won numerous awards and has a net worth of $1 million. He is an impressive athlete and is well-regarded in the college football world. In addition to winning the CFP championship, Bryce’s football career has won him many awards, and he has become one of the best-paid athletes in the country. If you’re a fan of the NFL, you can also find out more about Bryce’s personal life!

Born on July 25, 2001, Bryce Young has an impressive net worth of $1 million at his age of twenty. This is a young man who has been playing football since his freshman year and has won several awards. In addition to his football career, he has been a popular model for the past two years. His popularity is growing with fans and his many achievements. But in his personal life, Bryce doesn’t share much of his life on social media.

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Family background

Born in Philadelphia, Bryce Young has an impressive family background. His parents, Craig and Julie, are American citizens. He attended high school in Los Angeles and later went on to study at Mater Dei High School. He was named Player of the Year at Cathedral High School in Los Angeles and later on at Mater Dei in California. While at the University of Alabama, he won the Army All-American Bowl. The name and the family of Bryce Young are unknown.

He is the only NFL player who has won the College Football Playoff (CFP) championship. He has also won the USA Today High School All-American and Offensive Player of the Year award. In addition to this, he has won several other awards, including CFP national champion and USA Today High School All-American. He is a very successful American football player and has more than a million followers on social media.

Bryce The Young Parent (Father and Mother’s names) Siblings

Bryce Young was born to Craig Young ( Father ) and Julie Young ( Mother ). His parents, Craig and Julie always encourage him to pursue his Young soccer career. They always encourage him and cherish him.

He has a father who is American and his mother is African.

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Bryce Young Ethnicity, Nationality

The ethnicity of Bryce Young is African-American. Bryce Young holds American nationality.

Bryce Young Wiki, Biography

Bryce Young was born on July 25, 2001. He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. The full title of his name is Bryce Christopher Young as known as Bryce Young.

He graduated from school in Cathedral High School and later was admitted at Mater Dei High School. He played football at Mater Dei High School. Young holds the record for the most passing yards in one game.

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In the past, Bryce played for the University of California but in 2020, he began playing for Alabama.

Bryce Young Age, Biography

Bryce Young is 20 years old. The zodiac of his birth is Leo. Bryce Young is a Christian. His position is quarterback. In his football career at the college level Young played in his California Football player year and Los Angeles Football year. Young as well had the distinction of being his USA School Offensive player.

Bryce will be irritated, but I’m a dad…lol…I have been doing his highlights from his Hudl throughout his sophomore year…I didn’t do his SR year…I didn’t think there was a need…but boredom took over after the 4th…so better to be late than…never! #soproud

— Craig Young (@YoungCJB) July 7, 2020

Bryce Young Girlfriend

Bryce Young is unmarried. The details of his relationship are not publicly available. We will soon update you with all the information you need.

Bryce Young Height & Weight

He is taller than 6′ 1 inch, and his weight is 89 pounds.

Bryce Young Net Worth, Salary

The net worth of Bryce Youth isn’t clear. He was signed by The Alabama Crimson Tide. He has a net worth estimated at $1 million.

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FAQ about Bryce Young

Q.1 who Is Bryce Young?

Ans. Bryce Young is an American footballer.

Q.2 What is the age of Bryce Young?

Ans. Bryce Young is 20 years old.

Q.3 What are Bryce Young’s parents?

Ans. Bryce Young was born to Craig Young ( Father ) and Julie Young ( Mother ).

Q.4 What is Bryce Young’s nationality?

Ans. Bryce Young’s ethnicity is African American.

Q.5 How tall is Bryce Young’s Hight?

Ans. Bryce Young’s height is 6 feet 2 inches.

Q.6 Is Bryce Young’s Nationality?

Ans. Bryce belongs to the American nationality.

Q.7 What’s the nationality of Bryce Young’s parents?

Ans. Craig is his father. Craig is American and his mother Julie is African. Protection Status