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Bharti Singh returned to work, leaving a 12-day-old newborn at home, said – ‘I cried a lot today’ – see


Bharti Singh returned to work leaving a 12-day-old newborn at homeFamous comedian and host Bharti Singh became the mother of a child earlier this month. She and Harsh Limbachiyaa have been receiving congratulatory messages on becoming parents. The couple was hosting the reality show Hunarbaaz: Desh Ki Shaan before its delivery and now the comedian is back on the show a few days after his delivery.

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The comedian was recently seen on the sets of Hunarbaaz as he shared about his work commitments with the paparazzi. He shared, “I am Bahot Roy Hoon today. Baby is only 12 days old but work is work.

Bharti Singh returned to work leaving a 12-day-old newborn at home

I started it and have to come back for the finale as well. The danger from day after day is also on.” She thanked the paparazzi for giving her the energy and strength to continue.


Bharti also shared that she will soon be distributing sweets to everyone. Before she could leave, she was asked about Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s wedding. He was quick to reply in his unique style that he congratulated her.

She said that they were invited but could not go because the child was too small. Bharti shared that dealing with labor pain was not easy and she was scared before going to the delivery room. However, new parents are now happy to take care of their baby.

Bharti recently shared that she has nicknamed the baby ‘Gola’. He said, “He is absolutely Golu Molu. Harsh went for gymming and meditation, and he told me that he could only see Gola’s face everywhere.”

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New mom Bharti Singh surprised everyone when she returned to work just 12 days after giving birth to her baby boy. He was spotted on the sets of Hunarbaaz. As usual, the comedian interacted with Papa before and after the shoot.

Earlier, Bharti had spoken about being emotional about leaving her newborn home to fulfill her work commitment. Now, in a post wrap up video, she is seen chatting with the photographer about how much she missed her baby and how eager she is to hug him.

She shared, “When I saw it on the video call too, I started crying. But I said that the show should go on. The baby is still small, so he does not recognize mom and dad. So milk is the father and so it goes. All I have to do is pack up and go.”

Bharti continued and expressed how eager she is to return home and take her child in her arms. She further told how her life has changed after becoming a mother.

Bharti said that all she can think about is her child, “Bachcha baby, mean heart does one more ho jaye.” As she said this, Papps suggested that she wait some time before planning another child.

“People have started tangling. If there is a boy then they have said, if you want a sister, you want a brother if you have a girl. Meaning we are only engaged in making pairs? He chuckled.

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