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Who is Chef Kunal Kapur: The King of Desi Cooks

Who is Chef Kunal Kapur-If you talk about Indian kitchen, one name will definitely come – Kunal Kapoor. This man is not only a brilliant chef but is also playing an important role in popularizing Indian food across the world through TV shows, restaurants and cookbooks.

Attachment to the tradition of Kapoor family

Born in Delhi, Kunal had a desire to cook since childhood. At home, he saw his father and grandfather working in the kitchen, which inspired him. After studying hotel management, he worked in many prestigious hotels like Leela and Taj.

“For me, food is not just food but a way of creating relationships and memories.” – Kunal Kapoor

The path to becoming the king of cooking

In 2010, Kunal Kapoor started his career with the TV show “Choice Grill”. He then served as a judge and host on several shows including “MasterChef India”, “Junior MasterChef” and “Delhi Diners Club”. TV reality shows made him popular in homes.

Making a dream come true by opening a restaurant

Making a dream come true by opening a restaurant

Kunal’s first restaurant “Pincode” made a lot of headlines in Delhi. After this, in the year 2022, he opened another restaurant “Quarter Plate”. Here he has given a contemporary touch to Indian cuisine.

“I have seen wonderful things with my own eyes, but the best taste comes in my mouth.” – Kunal Kapoor

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Desire to continuously learn and explore new paths

The secret of Kunal’s success is his willingness to continuously learn and expose himself to challenges. Whenever he goes to a new state or country, he gets acquainted with the local food there. In this way they keep learning something or the other from everywhere. Not to be afraid of any challenge in life is Kunal’s basic mantra.

To present Indian food on national and international platforms

Kunal Kapoor was honored with the Dr. Radhakrishnan National Award in the year 2018. Apart from this, he has prepared banquets for many dignitaries of the country and abroad, which include PM Modi and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“Any dish becomes delicious only when your soul is reflected in it” – Kunal Kapoor

Overall, Kunal Kapoor is more than a cook. He also touches the hearts and minds of people through his kitchen. The credit for taking India’s heritage and culture abroad goes to him.

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