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Honda ready to defeat Maruti Dzire and Tata Tigor with its new Amaze

Honda Amaze price features-Compact sedan vehicles have a unique place in the Indian market. Here cars like Maruti Dezire, Tata Tigor and Hyundai Aura are maintaining their hold. But now the situation is about to change. According to reports, Honda is preparing to launch a new incarnation of its compact sedan Amaze. This new model is going to give a tough challenge to the existing leaders.

new avatar of amaze

Media reports suggest that Honda is soon going to launch the new version of its successful compact sedan Amaze in the Indian market. However, no formal announcement has been made by Honda in this regard yet. But it is estimated that this new Amaze may be launched before this year’s festive season.

Changes and upgrades

In this new avatar, Amaze will come with many changes and updates. First of all let’s talk about its external form. It is being said that the new Amaze will be completely redesigned from front and rear. Apart from this, the interior will also be new and attractive.

Many new features can also be given in it. Like large touchscreen infotainment system, digital instrument cluster and dual-tone interior. Honda has already made strides on the safety front as well. Advanced safety features like ADAS can also be found in this new Amaze.

No major changes in the engine

However, despite so many changes and updates, there doesn’t seem to be any major change in the engine options. According to reports, the new Amaze will also be equipped with the current 1.2 liter petrol and 1.5 liter diesel engines. But there may be minor updates to improve fuel efficiency and power output.

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Platform and design

This new Amaze can be built only on the fifth generation platform of Honda City. This is the same platform on which the current Amaze is built. But in terms of design, the new Amaze could be styled on the lines of globally popular sedans like Honda Civic and Accord.


The biggest challenge to the new Amaze is going to be from Maruti Dezire. Dezire is also to be launched with a facelift soon. It may have external and internal changes as well as hybrid technology. Apart from this, Tata Tigor and Hyundai Aura will also present a big challenge for the new Amaze.

History of Amaze

Honda first introduced Amaze in the Indian market in April 2013. Just a few years later, its second generation was launched in May 2018. But now when the competition is increasing and the preferences of the customers are also changing, it has become necessary for Honda to present its Amaze in a new form.

Expectations and Possibilities

Undoubtedly, there are a lot of expectations with the arrival of the new Amaze. If Honda delivers it right and has all the innovative features that meet customer demands, it could prove to be a game changer in the segment. Then it remains to be seen how big companies like Maruti, Tata and Hyundai face this new challenge. Protection Status