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Most of the people use credit card to easily use money anytime anywhere, meet their needs and overcome some of the money scarcity. Also, if you use a credit card, you should know that credit card bills must also be paid. But do you know that you can earn cash and rewards on credit bill payments and the Cred app will help you with that? In today’s article, we will explain what Cred App is and how to register.

Everyone knows that after using a credit card, everyone has to pay the bill, but after paying the bill, you can get 100% cashback and lots of fun rewards, you know? If this question has come to your mind as to how this will happen, we would like to state that the Cred Application will be of use to you. Cred is a very useful application for anyone who uses a credit card.

If you haven’t heard about Cred App before, today’s article will give you complete information about Cred App. In today’s article, you will learn what Cred App is. What are the benefits of the Cred application and how to create an account on it? However, you will also learn the answers to some of the other questions in this article. So stay tuned to this post until the end. Tell us what is Cred App?

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What is Credit Application?

If all of you are among those who do not know what Cred App is, we would like to say that Cred is an online credit card bill payment platform that allows its registered members to pay their credit card bills on time. in a very safe way. Anyone using a credit card can become a member of this platform by creating an account in the Cred application.

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Credit Application

In addition, thanks to this application, when the person pays his credit card debt on time, he will have the chance to get 100% money back and win fun prizes. Currently, Cred is a reliable platform. If you want to create your account and become a Credit Member in this application, your credit score must be 750 and above.

Owner of the Cred Application; Who is the founder of Cred App?

Do you know the Cred App Malik Kaun Hai? If you are still not aware of this, we would like to say that Kunal Shah is the owner and founder of Cred App. Prior to the inception of Cred, he founded Freecharge, which he later sold and devoted all his attention to furthering the Cred Company.

How to register on Cred App?

If you want to sign up for the Cred app, we have shared some easy steps for you to create your account on Cred.

Stage 1 – First of all, download the Cred App on your smartphone by clicking the link given here.

Step 2 – Now you need to open the Cred app and enter your valid phone number and click Continue.

Stage 3 – After that the OTP will be sent to your phone via SMS which needs to be entered and continued.

Step 4 – After your phone number is verified, you need to enter your name and continue, then continue by entering your last name.

step 5 After that you need to enter your email address. As soon as you fill all this information, your credit score will be seen. If this score is 750 or more, registration is made.

Finally, as soon as the whole process is complete, you will need to login to the Cred app, then fill in the bank related information, PAN card related information and credit card related information as well. After that, all information about your credit card will be visible to you in the Cred app.

What are the benefits of using the Cred App?

There are many benefits of using Cred App and if you are not aware of them, we have listed some of the benefits of using Cred App here.

  • Credit card bills and payments can be made with the help of this application.
  • When you make your credit card bill payments on time, you have a chance to win cash and many more rewards.
  • The Cred app also gives you a chance to win 100% cashback.
  • This is a very good application for managing credit cards.
  • With the help of this app, user can easily check credit card report and credit card score.
  • You can also see what fees are charged on credit cards and why.
  • Payment can be made via Debit Card, Net Banking and Cred App with UPI.
  • You will receive all credit related notifications from the Cred app from time to time.
  • This app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

How to Download Cred App?

The Cred app is generally available for all Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded and used by anyone. But many people don’t know how to download Cred App? That’s why we have provided links for the website where you can easily download Play Store, Apple Store and Cred App.

Download Credit

You can easily download and use the Cred app from all the links above.

Is the Cred App safe?

Whenever something new comes to people’s minds, on the one hand, the question arises, on the one hand, and on the other hand, is it safe to use? Similarly, the question of whether Cred App is safe comes to many people’s minds. In response, we would like to say that Cred is an Indian app and it is a completely secure app that every credit card user can use.

Our questions and answers about the Cred App

1. What is Cred App?

Cred is an online credit card bill payment application where credit card users can pay their credit card bills on time, earn rewards and cash.

2. Is the Cred App safe?

Using the Cred App is completely safe.

3. Is Cred a Chinese App?

Not at all, Cred is an Indian app and has nothing to do with China?

4. Who owns Cred?

Kunal Shah is the founder and owner of Cred App.


Today’s article should be essential for anyone who uses credit cards and pays their credit card bills on time, because in this article did you all know Cred App Kya Hai and Cred Par Account Kaise Banaye? Who owns this Cred App and what are the benefits of this app? We also shared this with you.

Finally, we have also provided answers to some important questions about Cred in simple words. Therefore, we sincerely hope that you all enjoyed this article very much. If this article was helpful for you, don’t forget to share it. Apart from that, if you have any questions or suggestions, you can ask them via comments and send them to us.

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