Melania Trump: Why She Won’t Divorce Donald Trump (And It’s Not About Money)

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Melania Trump: Why She Won’t Divorce Donald Trump (And It’s Not About Money)

Melania Trump, deceived, martyred, under the thumb of the cruel Donald Trump… But what if in reality the former Slovenian model is in complete control of her life? So says Kate Bennett, biographer of the United States’ First Lady, in her book Free Melania.

It’s said to be under the control of Donald Trump, but according to CNN reporter and unauthorized biographer Kate Bennett, that’s a completely misguided portrayal. The journalist, who has spent many years trying to understand the personality of the American First Lady, believes we were seriously wrong about her. According to her, the First Lady is “a really powerful and important voice in the world of Donald Trump. It’s surprising when I say this, but all the information I’ve gathered points in that direction,” he told the Washington Examine. The journalist, who has followed the president’s wife for three years, says this loud and clear: “Melania loves living in the White House. Everyone I spoke to from staff to friends confirmed […] Managing one or several homes this size is what he’s usually done for years.
[…] And this is an art in which he excels and therefore much more appreciated than any before him. In fact, it’s probably the First Lady’s favorite aspect of her job.

According to the biographer, the Trump couple is not what they seem.


When The Washington Post questions Kate Bennett about the Trump couple and wonders about their longevity once her term ends, the journalist bluntly answers: They’re not the type to make out in public or make fiery statements like the Obamas. He will never call it the “Light of My Life,” but Donald Trump loves it, even if he is reluctant to use the word. And for the biographer, divorce is unthinkable. “If I had to bet I’d say you’re staying and not getting a divorce. Melania is much more religious than people think. I don’t believe she is considering a divorce as long as she thinks keeping it is possible.”

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Kate Bennett’s words echo her book, in which she recalls that it was Melania who pushed Donald Trump to run for the presidency, as Paris Match recalls: “There’s a misconception: the idea that Melania is against Trump’s presidential candidacy. This is not true. It pushed him hard, in part because he really thought he was going to win and do a good job.

During a lecture at New York University, Melania Trump was asked if she would marry Donald Trump if she were poor. The former model’s promise to answer tit-for-tat: “Do you think she would marry me if I wasn’t pretty?” And what if in the end Donald and Melania were a perfect match?