Top 15+ streaming software: best live streaming software(2022)

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Top 15 streaming software

Streaming is the latest trend these days, no matter what it’s about. Whether you are watching some video on YouTube or catching up with your favorite show on Netflix, most of us are being addicted to this by now. If you are really into online entertainment and need a tool to stream videos straightaway without any hiccup, then this post is for you. We are going to present you with some best streaming software that will let you stream your files on the internet just like a pro. This way your friends and family can watch what they want without cluttering up your phone storage with videos.

1) Plex

Plex is an award-winning home media playback system that lets you organize all of your personal media, making it beautiful and streaming it to all of your devices. With an optional premium Plex Pass subscription, you can even sync videos, music, and photos to your smartphones and tablets so you can enjoy them while offline.


Organize all of your personal media into one organized library Autom convert files; available for videos, music, and photos. Sync media to your smartphones and tablets for offline viewing Chromecast & AirPlay streaming available Remotely access your home content from anywhere Support for multiple users

2) Kodi

Kodi is an award-winning free and open source home theater/media center software and entertainment hub that can be installed on Linux, OSX , Windows , iOS , and Android .   It has a powerful audio/video player, game emulator, Python scripting engine, web interface, live TV  PVR  client support through pvr.xine project , TV guide / EPG support via the zapitomo project (PVR backend). The player itself supports everything from MPG to AVI or MPEG TS HD video. The same is also available for audio with support for MP3, Flac , AAC and many more formats.

3) Air Video HD

Air Video HD lets you watch your videos in any browser or on your TV using a simple web interface or Apple/Android devices without conversion or syncing. Since the video files stay on the central server in the datacenter, you can stream them with low latency at high speed without cluttering up your phone storage. Unlimited users are supported so everyone in the family can have their own account and access their own movies from anywhere.


Stream all of your personal media to any computer running Windows, Mac OSX , iOS , Android , Roku, Boxee Box , WDTV Live , PS3, XBOX 360 , and more Watch videos without conversion even on low-end systems Stream only the video part of your large files (eg. MKV) to save space on your mobile devices Integrates with Plex & Emby for a seamless media center experience

4) Gvideo

Gvideo is an open-source service that provides uploading, playing, streaming and downloading of videos directly from the web browser. It allows you to watch any uploaded video in one click using HTML5 technology. Uploaded videos are streamed using the Flash player or the HTML5 player which supports virtually all platforms . The HTML5 interface also lets you search through thousands of free videos online.


Directly uploads your videos on the web Open videos using HTML5 technology without conversion Support for Flash and HTML5 players Streams your uploaded video files on any platform Search through thousands of free videos online

5) Emby

Emby is an open source, multi-platform media center that lets you aggregate all of your personal media and access it anywhere. You can manage and view all your collections while having the opportunity to share them with others. Emby automatically converts files so they can be viewed in any browser or mobile device on the spot.


Access your content from anywhere Aggregate all of your personal media (including movies, TV shows , music, photos ) Manage multiple users Stream your file collection using HTML5 player Access new releases before Netflix or Hulu

6) Plex

Plex organizes your personal media, wherever you keep it, so you can enjoy it on any device.    With the free Plex Media Server software on your home computer and a connection to your media collection, available from any of the supported Plex Apps , you can enjoy all of your personal media on your Roku, Android phone or tablet, Chromecast, Xbox 360 , PlayStation 3 or other compatible streaming device.       Features: Organize all of your movies, TV shows , music and photos Access them from anywhere using a compatible Plex App Stream with one click using HTML5 players for clear and sharp video quality Usable from multiple devices for no additional cost And much more


       Miro is a free, open source application that lets you store and manage all of your videos in one place. When you add videos to Miro, it downloads them from the Internet and organizes them for easy access and viewing. Miro can play many kinds of videos (MP4, AVI, MOV, MPEG-2 TS , MKV) as well as numerous audio files (MP3 , FLAC , OGG).


Organize your video collection Access your video collection on any device Stream videos directly Free And much more

8) GOM Audio

GOM Audio is an audio player which contains the basic features of GOM Player with additional premium audio effects. It is also accompanied by Tag Editor which supports MP3, FLAC, APE and more. GOM Audio has a built-in equalizer which allows you to adjust the frequency response of your speakers or headphones with just one click.


Adjustable effects Optimized for speaker or headphone use Built-in equalizer Supports multiple formats supports Tag Editor Easy to use And much more

9) VLC Streamer

Stream movies from VLC , Hulu, Netflix, Grooveshark, Pandora and any other website using this free streaming software that acts as a portal to the web via a simple web interface. The main advantage of VLC Streamer is that it doesn’t require browser plugins like Silverlight or Flash . It’s also lightweight and easy on CPU usage so it won’t slow down your computer.


Supports multiple video sites Supports many formats Doesn’t require browser plugins or Silverlight Easy to use And much more

10) Freecorder Streamer

       Freecorder is a free desktop recorder which records your screen, webcam and mic in HD for streaming with low CPU usage using codecs like H264 , AAC , FLV1/2 , MP4 . It’s also equipped with basic editing features like video cropping and resizing, change of brightness, contrast, hue , saturation and custom pixel aspect ratio.


Records videos up to 1080p Uses less than 40% cpu Usage doesn’t interfere with other programs Customizable cropping and aspect ratio Easy to use And much more

11) CamTwist

      CamTwist is a screencasting and video streaming software that allows you to show your desktop or any part of it on your iOS or Android device as well as record it as a movie. Using Camtwist, you can overlay live video with picture-in-picture and custom graphics. It’s also capable of recording sound from multi-channel audio devices like HDMI and optical .


Remotely capture your screen Streams directly to Android/iOS device Supports network camera Capture videos and system sounds Audio and video effects Live preview Customizable source resolutions And much more

12) nCam Pro    

nCam works by making remote USB cameras available to your streaming software. It allows you to use multiple IP cameras in Java, C# , VB.NET or Visual Basic 6 .      Features:   Add IP camera support to your apps Multiple cameras simultaneously Supports all USB cameras Supported in different languages And much more

13) LiveStream

      LiveStream is the most customizable video streaming app there is. With it, you can choose various encoding profiles like H264, XviD and Theora choices, stream directly from webcam in either MJPEG or YUY2 format, add custom macro effects on top of built-in ones and completely control everything from frame rate , resolution , bitrate and codecs used for encoding.


Choose from a variety of encoding profiles Stream directly from webcam Customizable macro effects Complete control over video And much more

14) Wiretap Studio       

WireTap Studio allows recording any audio that comes into your computer. It converts all sounds passing through your sound card before recording them in MP3 , M4A, WMA or WAV format while leaving other applications completely untouched.


Convert all sound to MP3/M4A/WMA/WAV formats Record system beeps and error message High quality audio recorder Listen while you’re recording And much more

15) Streamstar

      Streamstar is easy-to-use screencasting software with built-in Cloud services . It enables livestreaming on Skype , Twitch, Facebook and YouTube without any plugins. The best thing about Streamstar is that it allows you to add a custom overlay to your stream so you can show the world your game scores, level up count , player stats etc.


Bring game streaming to all leading websites Customizable overlays with integrated alerts Built-in Cloud services Integrate with Skype Integrates with Twitch, Facebook And much more

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