The ‘Mop Top’ Hairstyle On TikTok?

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TikTok is back in fashion with increasing numbers of users opt for this “mop high” hairstyle that is popularized through the video-sharing application.

The hairstyle, which was popular way before TikTok introduced its first video, has experienced revival as many well-known TikTok celebrities adopt the hairstyle. Many big names, such as Bryce Hall, Noah Beck along with Noah Schnapp, have sported the style over the past few years, triggering many smaller artists to copy the look.

It’s been a while from the time the style first came out on TikTok however it’s one of the apps most well-known hairstyles. The mop’s the top of your hair off can be fairly simple, which means you can attempt it yourself if inclined.

How do you make your mop-top hairdo

In the beginning, let’s suppose that a small percentage of users on TikTok have the natural hairstyling skills to do this at home. Make sure to make a trip to your preferred hairstylist you’re planning to attempt the mop top style and let them do their magic.

The mop top is a sexy and shaggy style that is characterized by longer hair at the one side of your head, slowly trimming the hair along the sides. According to Dexerto you can think of the mop top style as a distant relative to the cut, one that needs a substantial amount less of maintenance.

A August. 2020 video by Youtuber The Salon Guy provides an excellent explanation of how you can pull off the look, which he refers to as the “biggest hairstyle seen on TikTok.” The video guides viewers through the steps of getting the style from the perspective of a stylist. He starts by cutting off the hair at the side of the head, trimming it to a length of between half to a full inch then moving up to the sides and the top. On the side of your head, hair should be about the same length as the hair at the bottom of the neck, before slowly lengthening until the hair is much longer at the top of the head.

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The hair that is on the one’s head has a different length, however it is clear that this simple hairstyle actually is quite complex. Salon Guy Salon Guy, whose real name is Stephen Marinaro, explains that hair at on the side of the hair’s upper should measure approximately 3 inches in length, but should grow longer as it moves towards the front. Hair near on the forehead usually extends to even the tip of your nose as stated byMarinaro However, the hair is styled up, making it appears to be shorter.

The haircut demands an evolution from “very clean” to “very extremely messy” in order to be effective, Marianaro says that the haircut requires an “tapered transition into the absolute, perfect mess.”

The most important thing to make the “mop” part that is the top of your style also known as the top work according toMarinaro the key to success is “connecting the layers and ensuring that every hair is layering.” This creates the structure it requires to create an intentionally messy appearance instead of a wild one.

“Even although it looks like an unintentional mess, that’s the style.”