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Megan Fox: My family watches my love scenes

Brunette stunner says her family ‘don’t care’ for scenes

Megan Fox says that her family watches the love scenes on the big screen and that’s okay.

The sultry s-xpot, who was filmed with almost n-de and even sx lip locks, said her family didn’t object to her scenes and ‘don’t care and she’s fine’ as they watch her do it in the movie. Fox News.

Although Fox identifies as bi-sexual in real life, she admitted that she found it awkward to play one scene in particular during the filming of “Jennifer’s Body,” namely the make-up session with the female lead, Amanda. Seyfried.

“I was laughing all the time because it’s weird and weird and nobody wants to do that,” Fox said. “None of us wanted to do it, so it was uncomfortable.”

The couple continued to laugh during the scene, which was recorded on an indoor set that day, the director told Fox News.

Seyfried said he blushed when he saw his family watching him play.

“(My family) has seen another one of my movies: nudity and my mom saw me on screen having sex with two different people,” Seyfried told Fox News.

“He’s fine, he knows he’s stealing but it doesn’t have to suit me,” Fox said. “So it was so hard when my mom sat next to me to watch ‘Jennifer’s Body’.”

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