How to send query parameters in get a request in Node JS

To send query parameters in a GET request in Node.js, you can use the built-in http or https modules, or you can use a third-party library like axios, request, or superagent. Here’s an example using the http module:

const http = require('http');

const options = {
  hostname: '',
  port: 80,
  path: '/data?id=123&name=John+Doe',
  method: 'GET'

const req = http.request(options, res => {
  console.log(`statusCode: ${res.statusCode}`);

  res.on('data', d => {

req.on('error', error => {


In this example, we’re using the http module to make a GET request to the server with query parameters id and name. We create an options object with the hostname, port, path, and method properties, and we pass it on to the http.request() method.

We listen for the data event on the response object to log the response body to the console, and we listen for the error event to log any errors to the console.

Finally, we call the req.end() method to send the request.

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