FinGrad, a startup by Trade Brains, bridges the gap between potential investors and the Stock Exchange

You are currently viewing FinGrad, a startup by Trade Brains, bridges the gap between potential investors and the Stock Exchange

(Kritesh Abhishek, CEO and Founder of Trade Brains)

FinGrad, a startup by Trade Brains, bridges the gap between potential investors and the Stock Exchange

For most people, achieving financial freedom is a goal. Financial independence often requires having enough savings, assets and cash to live the life we ​​want for ourselves and our families. It entails creating savings that allow us to retire or continue in the occupation we want without being constrained by an annual salary.

Financial independence means our money works for us, not against us. But you know what comes before financial freedom? financial literacy. There is no successful entrepreneur, businessman or investor who lacks this. It’s a must-have not just for those involved in finance, but for anyone who wants to properly manage their money and make their money work for it. It is said that investment made without market research and research is risky.

So where should a person go to learn all the financial fundamentals? Where can you find trusted teachers and gurus who are established and willing to teach in the financial industry? With this in mind, FinGrad was founded.


FinGrad Team Photo

(FinGrad Team Photo)

FinGrad It was founded by Trade Brains, a stock market analysis startup based in Bangalore, India. It is an online financial education platform that focuses on providing all financial information in one platform. Fingrad offers you the convenience of learning how and why the stock market happens from your home through online stock market courses and trading webinars. Fingrad wants to establish itself as the trusted institution for online stock marketing courses. However, the team doesn’t want to limit themselves to only offering courses on trading and stocks. Mutual funds, bonds, public offering, insurance, etc. Offers courses and webinars on topics.

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Fingrad aims to be the leading one-stop destination for all financial learning. The team is on a mission to provide people with financial wisdom so they can trade and invest better. Most people think of the stock market as a gambling game, but it’s basically people who haven’t been in the water and claim to know how to swim. Investing and trading is not rocket science, anyone can become a successful trader/investor with proper knowledge and guidance.

Fingrad It offers a variety of trading and stock market courses to make people aware of the market. By hiring financial experts, FinGrad The team left no stone unturned in making their platform a success. They want to make anyone who wants to invest in any stock or project self-sufficient to do their own market research before investing.

what does it do FinGrad unlike others, its mission is to provide financial literacy to everyone, so we are currently FREE COURSES for a limited time and paid courses. Not only because their courses are designed around the student’s needs, that’s why their courses are available in multiple languages.

This FinGrad The team also hosts regular trade webinars from industry experts to update students on trending topics and practices in the industry.

FinGrad It aims to provide quality courses and transfer financial information to an audience of +10 million in the next three years.

Kritesh AbhishekCEO and Founder Trading Brains, as stated in their latest launch, Every stock market enthusiast should educate themselves before entering the market to invest or trade correctly and generate consistent returns. With FinGradWe seek to disseminate financial literacy with a more comprehensive and pragmatic approach by offering open courses and webinars alongside exams, assessments and certifications.”

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Kritesh Abhishek

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