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(Kritesh Abhishek, CEO and Founder of Trade Brains)

Kritesh Abhishek Biography, Wiki, Age, Bio, Family, Education, Company & More

Kritesh Abhishek He is an Indian Fintech Entrepreneur and value investor based in Bangalore. He is best known as its founder and CEO. Trading Brains & FinGrad. Kritesh has more than 8 years of experience investing in the Indian Stock Market and regularly writes about stock market trading strategies on his blogs posted on Trade Brains and other financial websites.

Kritesh Abhishek Biography

Kritesh Abhishek, commonly known as Kritesh, was born on February 2, 1995. By qualification, he is an electrical engineer graduate from Warangal National Institute of Technology (Class of 2016). After Kritesh graduated, he worked for Tata Motors Pune Factory for one and a half years as Senior Manager. There he worked in the Product Quality Department of the Commercial vehicles division. At the end of 2017, Kritesh quit his job and started working on the Startup idea.Trading Brains”.

personal life

Date of birth: February 2, 1995
Age (as on 2022): 27
Job: Entrepreneur and Investor
Housing: Bangalore
marital status: single
College/University: National Institute of Technology, Warangal
Founder: Trading Brains and FinGrad
Manager: Dailyraven Technologies Private Limited
hobbies: Cooking, Traveling, Reading

Physical appearance

Height (Approx.): 170 cm
Hair colour: Black
Eye color: Black

Parents and Siblings

Kritesh’s father’s name is Analesh Nandan, a retired civil servant, and his mother’s name is Suman Sinha, a housewife. Kritesh is the youngest in the family with two older brothers, Ajitesh and Amitesh. Kritesh has no sisters.

Kritesh’s Career

Kritesh started his career as a 9 to 5 corporate employee at Tata Motors, but quit his job after a year and a half and moved to Bangalore to start working on his own venture. He founded his first company, Dailyraven Technologies Private Limited, at the age of 23.

Trading Brains

Trading BrainsWhat started as a Stock Awareness website then expanded into the stock analytics and market news industries with over one million monthly traffic. Kritesh has grown his team at Trade Brains from one to over thirty-five by 2022. Trading Brains He also has over 500 thousand social media presence on different platforms, including Instagram and Youtube.

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In April 2022, Kritesh launched his second learning initiative. FinGradan online financial learning platform and sister website Trading Brains. FinGrad is a one-stop shop for all financial information needs and offers a variety of workspaces for a comprehensive understanding of the stock market, IPOs, bonds, mutual funds, personal finance, insurance and more. In an interview, when asked for his views on this FinGradKritesh Said,

“Every stock market enthusiast should educate themselves before entering the market in order to invest or trade correctly and generate consistent returns. With FinGradWe are trying to spread financial literacy with a more comprehensive and pragmatic approach.”

Kritesh Facts and Trivia

● In his spare time, Kritesh likes to cook, travel and read books.
● Kritesh visited as a Guest Speaker at Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune and VIT Vellore & NIT Warangal to explain Exchange concepts.
● During his college days, Kritesh interned at the National University of Singapore for 3 months as a Summer Research Intern.
● Kritesh is a fitness enthusiast and follows a rigorous training and intermittent fasting regimen.


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