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Donald and Melania Trump’s divorce: “A joke between them”


Donald and Melania Trump’s Divorce: “A Joke Between Them”

While Donald and Melania Trump are asked to leave the White House, it is said that the First Lady will have divorce ambitions. The information, which was denied by Melania Trump’s former friend and senior adviser Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, interviewed by the Evening Standard, reveals that the couple even likes to laugh at this rumor.

Divorce is not a divorce? A few weeks before Joe Biden took office, rumors of a possible breakup between Melania and Donald Trump continue to mount. If the couple has been sleeping separately for years, the First Lady has become strangely distant, even completely invisible, during her husband’s campaign. However, asked by our colleagues from the Evening Standard, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, former adviser and friend of Melania Trump, assures that the couple is in very good shape. Moreover, the presidential couple amuses themselves with these rumors, which they find grotesque.

The author of the explosive book Melania & me states that Melania and Donald Trump had “no chance” to break up and that “when they ate privately and together, it was the subject of a joke between them.” If the couple is already preparing for their new life in Florida, the ex-model also plans to reconnect with their old lifestyle as soon as possible. “She imagines herself on a big yacht in the south of France,” insists her former adviser Melania Trump has no intention of getting a divorce.


Melania and Donald Trump ‘find each other good’

Information verified by Donald Trump’s former personal attorney, Michael Cohen. “I don’t think Melania broke up with Donald. As reported by The Mercury News, she said in a comment to the Washington Post, very willingly and affirming her beliefs in her plans.” And, to add, “these two found each other well.” Melania Trump, who refused to comment in the media for the hard to tell right from wrong. The only certainty is that the former model, by her own admission, “doesn’t always agree with the way she (note: her husband) says things”. From there to say their marriage is going badly…

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