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Biography of Parag Agarwal, Biography, New CEO of Twitter, Age, Birth, Wife Family, Net Worth, Salary (Twitter New CEO, Age, Birth, Net Worth, Salary, Education, Wife, Family)

Friends, you’ve surely heard of Twitter and have also utilized it. Recently, the newly appointed CEO for Twitter was revealed. Then Parag Agarwal has been named as the CEO for Twitter. He has been involved with Twitter for a decade. You might be stunned to learn of this however this is the reality. Indian-origin Parag Agarwal is now the new CEO of Twitter. Now, you might be wondering who exactly is Parag Agarwal. We will present to you Parag Agarwal, in the following article. He will further tell you about the success of his story.

Biography of Parag Agrawal (Parag Agrawal Biography in Hindi)

Full NameParag Agarwal
professiontechnology executive
FameTwitter’s new CEO
What was the time you becameNovember 29, 2021
Birthin 1984.
BirthplaceKharghar, Mumbai
Ages37 years old
The nationalityAmerican
Your home townKharghar, Mumbai
length5 feet 6 inches
Weight73 kg
marital statusWe were married
net worth1.5 million dollars

Who is Parag Agrawal

Twitter it is one of the multi-blogging social media website. Its CTO Parag Agarwal, has been appointed the CEO of the website. They’ve been associated with the website for the past 10 years.

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Parag Agrawal Birth and Age

Parag Agarwal, born 1984 was a resident of Kharghar, Mumbai. Now, 37 years of his age are gone.

Parag Agrawal Wife and Family

Parag Agarwal’s partner is Vinita Agarwal who works at Andreessen Horowitz. Their parents’ information has not been released by the couple yet. It is however well-known that the father of Parag was employed to be employed in the nuclear energy industry, and his mother is an educator who retired. Also, they have an infant son called Ansh.


Parag Agrawal Education

In discussing Parag Agarwal’s schooling We will tell you that Parag was educated at Atomic Energy Central School. Then he enrolled at IIT Mumbai for engineering studies. Thereafter, he obtained an B.Tech diploma with a major in Computer Science. He then enrolled at Stanford University to pursue higher education i.e. PhD.

Parag Agrawal Career

After finishing his studies, Parag worked with many large companies, including Microsoft, Yahoo etc. Within the companies of both Parag was in the top post.

Parag Agarwal on Twitter (Parag Agrawal via Twitter)

In 2011 Parag made the decision to be a part of Twitter and also joined. Parag was working initially as a software engineer within the company. in 2017, the CTO i.e. Chief Technology Officer Adam Messinger resigned from his post. He then was appointed to this post. He also was the leader of Bluesky, the company’s project. Bluesky.

In his role as CTO Parag Agarwal assumed the charge of overseeing machine-learning and artificial Intelligence across the revenue, science, and consumer teams. In the last few days, on the 29th of November Jack Dorsey, who was at the time as the chief executive officer of Twitter quit his post. Following that, Parag Agarwal has been made the new CEO of Twitter.

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Parag Agrawal Net Worth

Parag Agarwal net worth is $1.5 million. His the salary is $250,000.

Parag Agrawal Personal Life

The interviewer was discussing Parag Agarwal’s private family life Parag Aggarwal was married Vinita Agarwal who is a general partner at Andreessen Horowitz, in the year 2015. The couple also have a child. Recently Parag and his family reside at San Francisco, California.


Q: Who is Parag Agarwal?

Ans: Twitter’s new CEO

Q: How old is Parag Agarwal?

The age of the user is 37 years

How much is the value of Parag Agarwal?

Ans: 1.5 million dollars

Q What is the annual salary that is earned by Parag Agarwal?

Then: $250,000 million

Q What year when did Parag Agarwal sign up to Twitter?

Ans: in 2011

Q: What’s the name of the wife of Parag Agarwal’s spouse?

Ans: Vinita Agarwal

Q Where is Parag Agarwal’s home is?

Ans: in San Francisco, California

Q Which is the country of Parag Agarwal?

Ans: American