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Asante Blackk’s Parents and His ethnicityAsante Blackk Parents and Ethnicity: Asante Blackk is an accomplished American actor. He is on the verge of becoming a well-known and versatile actor.

He is well-known for his performance in a miniseries titled”When They See Us(2019). He also appeared in the TV show “This is US” since it was the main cast member for the series . He was also nominated for an Critics Choice Television Awards.

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Asante Blackk Parents (Father, Mother), Siblings

Asante Blackk mother’s Name is “Aiyana Ma’at”, and her father’s surname is Ayize Ma’at. His parents are clinical social workers. In addition to being social workers, and running a therapy clinic for couples therapy.

He is also a cousin of an well-known American actor Samira Wiley.

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Asante Blackk Ethnicity, Nationality

Asante Blackk’s heritage is multi-cultural, since his father hails to Alexandria, Virginia and her mother hails born in North Carolina, London, England and Trinidad. Asante Blackk owns American Nationality.

Asante Blackk Wiki, Biography

Asante Blackk’s birthday was October 20, 2001. He was born in Waldorf, Maryland, The United States. He was educated at the Judith P. Hoyer Montessori school. His birth title is as follows: Asante duah ma’at.

Asante Blackk Age, Biography

Asante is born on the year the year 2000 His birth year was 2000, which means he is 21 years old the moment. Asante was born in the month of October. the zodiac sign of Libra. The religion he follows is Christianity.

Asante Blackk Girlfriend

Asante Blackk isn’t in any kind of relationship. He is focusing solely on his work and reaching his goals, as well as learning more about acting.

Asante Blackk Height, Weight

Asante blackk’s height is 5′ 11″, and his weight is around 70 pounds.

Asante Blackk Career

Asante began acting at the age of an elementary school pupil. He played his first part in the cult teen film The Jungle Book as a character called Mowgli. His first role in the professional world was in the Howard Theatre as a character in “How I Learned to Be a Kid”.

Asante initially tried to audition for the role as Korey Wise who is one the members exonerated of the Central Park Five, in the dramatized mini-series “When They See Us” However, she was cast instead as teenager Kevin Richardson in the series.

He won his Primetime Emmy Award for miniseries “When They See US”

Asante Blackk Net Worth

Asante The net wealth of Blackk ranges from between 100k and 500k.

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FAQ About Asante Blackk

Q.1 Who is Asante Blackk?

Ans. Asante Blackk plays an American actor from the United States.

Q.2 How old is Asante Blackk?

Ans. Asante is twenty years old at the moment.

Q.3 What is Asante Blackk’s Nationality?

Ans. Asante Blackk’s Nationality is American

Q.4 Where is Asante Blackk from?

Ans. George is from Waldorf, Maryland

Q.5 Does Asante Blackk related Samira Wiley?

Ans. Samira Wiley, the maternal aunt of Asante Black.