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Alert! This new phishing attack is targeting iPhone users

Alert! This new phishing attack is targeting iPhone users-If you also suddenly start getting password reset notifications on your iPhone, then be careful. It has to happen that you are becoming a victim of a phishing attack. This attack is targeting only iPhone users.

According to security journalist Brian Krebs, the purpose of these notifications is to trick iPhone users into gaining access to their Apple accounts. Tech entrepreneur Parth Patel has shared his experience on social media. He told that one night last week suddenly notifications of password reset started coming on his iPhone, iWatch and laptop.

Patel wrote, “Since these were Apple’s system level alerts, I had no choice but to press ‘Don’t Allow’. If I had pressed ‘Allow’, my data would have been in the hands of the hackers.”

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In the next step of the attack, the hacker made a phone call to Patel and pretended to be Apple Support. The call sounded as if it was coming from Apple’s official support line 1-800-275-2273. The caller also knew Patel’s date of birth, email and physical address.


However, the hacker did not know that Patel’s real name was Parth and was calling him “Anthony S”. If the user gave a one-time code, the hacker would use it to hack the Apple ID.

To avoid this, it is important that you do not trust any such suspicious calls and notifications. Do not share any type of OTP or personal data.

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