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Apple iPhone 16 will have these 5 major upgrades! Will forget iPhone 15

Leaks and rumors about Apple’s next flagship iPhone series coming in September are coming in fast. As the launch of the iPhone 16 series is getting closer, information about the new models is also coming out. It seems that this time the company will bring many big upgrades and changes compared to the iPhone 15 series. Let us know what new things we are going to get in the iPhone 16 series.

Big change in design

First of all, let’s talk about the changes in iPhone design this time. Apple has made very few changes in iPhone design over the last few generations. But with the iPhone 16 series, the company is going to bring a big change in it. Leaked renders show that the design of the rear camera setup in iPhone 16 will be completely different.

According to reports, the company will adopt a new design, different from the way the triple camera setup was placed in a square module in the previous model. Apart from this, the action button currently given in iPhone 15 Pro models can be included in all models this time. Capture button can also be seen.

Better and bigger display

Apart from the design, the iPhone 16 series will also get a better and slightly larger display. According to Apple’s long-time forecaster Ming-Chi Kuo, the Pro models will have slightly larger displays than before. The iPhone 16 Pro will have a 6.3-inch screen and the 16 Pro Max model will have a larger 6.9-inch panel. The company will use new micro-lens technology for OLED display, which will make the pixels of the screen perfect. Additionally, the peak brightness of the display will also increase.

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Upgraded processor and better connectivity

Apple will introduce its new A17 chipset in the iPhone 16 series. Whereas for its premium models the company will use A17 Bionic Pro chipset which will be more powerful than before. These new processors will also help with better thermal management systems to keep the phone cool and increase battery life.


Apart from this, the company will also bring many improvements in terms of connectivity in iPhone 16. In future, these phones will support Wi-Fi 7 technology. Also, the experience of 5G connectivity will also be better.

great camera setup

Apple tries to upgrade the camera setup in its new iPhone every time. Many camera upgrades can also be seen in the iPhone 16 series. First of all let’s talk about the main camera. According to the report, iPhone 16 Pro models will have a 48MP main camera in which an ultra-wide lens will also be provided.

Apart from this, 5x optical zoom tetra prism camera setup will also be available in Pro models. This super telephoto camera will come with excellent zoom capability. iPhone lovers can also find new AI features in the camera department which will further improve mobile photography.

Big battery and iOS 18

Apple will also try to provide long battery life with the iPhone 16 series. A larger battery can be seen in the Pro models compared to the iPhone 14 series launched this year. It is being speculated that a 4,800mAh battery can be found in the iPhone 16 Pro Max.

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Talking about software, iPhone 16 series will be launched with iOS 18. The company can also include some new AI features in the new iOS. Along with this, common users will also get new features and performance improvement. However, very little is known about iOS 18 right now. Its glimpse will start appearing during WWDC 2024.

Price and other information

As far as the price of iPhone 16 series is concerned, Apple’s new iPhones will be as expensive as always. However, this time the price difference between Pro models and non-Pro models may increase. Its price can start from $ 1300 for the Pro model. While the price of non-Pro iPhone 16 can be around $799.

The company may launch the iPhone 16 series in September 2024. However, official information about its launch date has not come yet. In the coming months, more leaks may emerge regarding this new flagship iPhone of Apple. Protection Status