Why Did Emma Watson Refuse to Film a Scene With Channing Tatum?

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Why did Emma Watson refuse to shoot a scene with Channing Tatum?

Emma Watson is an outstanding actress and one of the most talented people working in Hollywood these days. And she definitely has a sense of humor, but apparently there was a line in a movie a few years ago that she didn’t want to cross. Apparently, she even broke up in the middle of set because she thought things were getting a little too out of control for her tastes and sensibilities. According to an interview with Seth Rogen for GQ Magazine, there was a scene from This is the End that pushed Emma Watson too far.

Despite finally appearing in the movie, Emma Watson got into big trouble in one of the scenes. It contained more than a few non-color components, so it’s not entirely clear what pushed it aside. Apparently at the scene, long after the kidnapping took the lives of many people and gangs of rambunctious looters took control. Danny McBride leads a group of cannibals and chains Channing Tatum. She’s dressed as bacon in Pulp Fiction and looks very good in a similar light.

According to Rogan, in the interview, Emma Watson apparently knew the scene beforehand, but when her eyes were on the case and she was busy, she decided she couldn’t be a part of it. She told Rogen she couldn’t do that and she almost left the set. Rogen does not hesitate to remind people that this is not a personal or professional friction between the two, but rather a conflict at this stage. Watson still had a role in the movie, and it’s definitely part of a funny scene when he first enters the house.

Ultimately, this was a “big” movie moment for Emma Watson. But it’s funny to think that if the original idea had taken hold and had seen that scene to the end it could have been something more brutal and extravagant. Knowing that the actress is a little straighter in lace plays out even better.

Emma Watson and her involvement in This Is the End (or lack thereof) were not the focus but another surprise in a great and entertaining ensemble film. Seth Rogen and company called all the comedy signs about it and it was just filled with popular faces. The movie had a completely different feel as everyone played their own Hollywood character and found out what happened at the end of the world. There was a reason it was a hit at the box office and with critics.