Desi Jugaad: To scratch the back, the guy played such a jugaad, watching the video, you will also say – the master

You are currently viewing Desi Jugaad: To scratch the back, the guy played such a jugaad, watching the video, you will also say – the master

To scratch his back, the fellow played such a jugaadTo remove the itching of the back, a fellow has played such a desi jugaad video, after watching which you will also say – Glory Guru. This video has spread like fire on social media.

Many states of the country are currently in the grip of heat wave. There has been a fire (heatwave) raining from the sky. Meanwhile, the Meteorological Department has put people in more confusion by saying that there will be a strong heat wave in some states for the next five days. so be careful. Now even after sitting near fans and coolers in the scorching heat, people are getting prickly in their backs.

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At the same time, today’s lifestyle has become such that people are not able to scratch their back with their hands. In such a situation, to get rid of itching, people fight in different types of jugaad (jugaad). But a fellow has fought such a desi jugaad for this (desi jugaad), after seeing which you will also say – hugging guru. This video has also spread like fire on social media.

People usually use powder, combs, palm fans or their hands to relieve itching in the back. But in the video that is going viral, a person has done such a jugaad to scratch his back, seeing that you too will be forced to laugh.

In the video you can see that the person is lying in the room, while a table fan is installed near the bed. While playing desi jugaad, the fellow has installed a plastic fan from the fan in such a way that along with eating the air of the swing, the itching of the back is also ending. So let’s watch this funny video.

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This video of Desi Jugaad has been shared on the social media platform Instagram from a page named Rising.Tech. Praising the man’s jugaad, the admin wrote in the caption, ‘This man is living in 2050.’ This video is now creating panic on social media. Since its upload, more than 35 thousand people have liked it so far.

This number is continuously increasing. At the same time, many people have also given their opinion on the video. How much people are liking this video can be gauged from the fact that everyone is tagging friends in the comment section and inviting them to watch it.