Who is Ryan Prunty? Ryan Prunty spent $40,000 and made a big mistake getting MrBeast’s attention

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A TikToker named “Ryan Prunty” spent $40,000 to get the attention of popular YouTuber MrBeast and later realized he had made a really big mistake. Well, while such incidents happen rarely. But TikToker, trying to get MrBeast’s attention, actually caught his attention. Albeit with just one mistake. But what mistake did Tiktoker make?

Read on to learn more about Tiktoker, which spent $40,000 to get the attention of Youtuber MrBeast.

Who is YouTuber MrBeast?

Jimmy Donaldson, popularized under the name MrBeast, is actually a famous Youtuber with a large following. In fact, she has around 100 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. He is even considered one of the best creators on YouTube.

It also includes its fans in Youtube Challenges with an application where subscribers can have the chance to participate in YouTube challenges. But a TikToker named Ryan Prunty went the extra mile to get MrBeast’s attention.

TikToker Ryan Prunty spent $40,000 on Billboard to get MrBeast’s attention

Ryan Prunty, a TikToker, has been in the limelight these days for making a huge mistake to get MrBeast’s attention. On April 28, Ryan revealed that he was trying to get the attention of the popular MrBeast.

He was in a constant effort to get BayBeast to see him. In fact, he went so far as to spend at least $40,000 on Billboard to get his attention. In his attempt, he actually spent the amount on Three Billboards. Including the park bench ad she made. But guess what? In the end, he made a big mistake.

MrBeast points out TikToker Ryan Prunty’s mistake

Finally, looking at Ryan Prunty’s initiative, MrBeast stitched up his video and said that he implied that he had made a really big mistake in spending $40,000 on a billboard to get TikToker’s attention. The popular Youtuber went on to explain why Ryan made a mistake.

@mrbeast #stitch with @Ryan Prunty ♬ original voice – MrBeast

Stitching a video of MrBeast Ryan said he saw her attempt to get his attention. However, when she tried to text him. He realized that Ryan wasn’t following him. So she had no choice but to contact him. Although Ryan later apologized for this, there was no response from MrBeast after the apology.

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