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What is Chat with RTX, features Benefits, Use, Limitations

Hello friends chat gpt requires internet to do it. Without internet connection you cannot use chat gpt. Nvidia company has brought this solution in the form of RTX. It just has to be setup once. After that you can use it even without internet. Friends, in this article we will tell you what RTX is and what it can do. Will give basic information about.

What is RTX Chat?

RTX Chat is a demo app that brings the powers of Generative AI right to your Windows PC or workstation. With its help, you can create a personalized chatbot by adding your documents, notes, videos or other data. You can then get answers to your questions from this chatbot, which will be contextual and relevant to your content. Apart from this, you can also make poems, stories and other creative articles from it.

Benefits of RTX Chat

RTX Chat is superior to traditional cloud based generative AI services in several ways:

  • Fast Speed: Since RTX Chat runs on your local PC, there is no need to wait for an Internet connection or server availability. You get instant answers from the chatbot.
  • Privacy: RTX Chat does not send any of your data to any external servers or third parties. Everything remains safe on your device. You can also delete the data as per your wish.
  • Customization: In RTX Chat, you can train your chatbot with your own documents and content. This makes it compatible with your expectations.
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How to use RTX Chat

To use RTX Chat you will need some basic things:

  • PC or workstation with Windows 10 or 11
  • RTX 30 or 40 series GPU with 8 GB RAM
  • Latest Nvidia Graphics Drivers
  • 35 GB free disk space

Once you’ve met these requirements, you can download RTX Chat for free from Nvidia’s website. After installation you can start using it immediately.


If you want, you can also customize the chatbot by connecting your document folder to this app. Then you can ask questions of your choice and get creative content generated.

RTX Chat Limitations

Since RTX Chat is a demo app, it may have some limitations. As such it may not be able to handle very complex queries. It may also sometimes generate incorrect or inappropriate text.

Additionally, it only works with English language models. It may also have compatibility issues with some antivirus software or firewalls.

But still, RTX Chat demonstrates the power of RTX GPUs and shows what generative AI can do. If you want to experiment with your own content, download RTX Chat today! Protection Status