Spider-Man’s Million Dollar Secret’s producers reportedly became irritated with Tom Holland’s mother.

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Tom Holland has become a regular on the screens as Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-Man and The Last Way Home being his sixth film with Peter Parker since he made his debut in May’s Captain America: Civil War as well as seven technically if we add the post-credits scenes from Venom Theme: Let There be Carnage.

In that light it’s easy for us to forget that the actor was only an untrained child when he was first offered the role, and made his first appearance in the role of Peter Parker in Civil Warhit theaters was just one month away from his 20th birthday, which makes the actor the only one who has played the role of a super-hero in high school still in the teen years.

In the end, Holland told a hilarious story in the interview Jeremy Lynch, where he confessed that his mom’s worries about his health and wellbeing led her to take on both the makers on “Homecoming”.

“On the very first film I can remember that we made an episode on the Washington Monument and I had to climb and descend it for several weeks. In essence I didn’t use the bathroom for 11 hours, or whatever and I was in desperate need of. If you are wearing the harness with the suit – you shouldn’t wear it on top as you’ll see it and also because this suit fits so tightly that you need to tighten the harness at the start and that means getting into the toilet is a challenge.

I can remember calling my mom, and I said”I’ve had an extremely difficult day and I have to use the toilet. I haven’t used the toilet in over eleven hours’. Three or four days later, the producers called me off the air and asked me, ‘How’s your kidneys? The mom called us and asked us to provide sufficient breaks from the toilet’. Then I’m like, “I’m doing a disservice! Let me be alone! !’.”

The debate and discussion about the use of superhero costumes with regards to using the bathroom remains a hot subject of discussion, but it could have been a easy task when it came to Avengers: Infinity Warand Endgamewhen Holland’s Spidey costume was a mostly CGI design and featured a grey motion capture leotard much easier to slip into or out a skin-tight spandex.