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Bull Pola Festival 2021 The importance and details about when, where, how the festival is held, how the date, time, and way for the worship (Bail Pola Festival Kab Hai, Puja, Celebration, Date)

India is an agriculture-based land in which cattle contribute to creating a healthy agricultural. The cattle are revered in the nation of India. Festivals like Pola is one of them that farmers celebrate, where they are worshipped by oxen and cows. The Pola festival is observed throughout Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

bull 2021 pola

Festival namebull pole
Other namesPithori Amavasya, Motha Pola, Tanha Pola
Where is it where is itMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh
2021 is when it will beon 6 September
worship takes placeOxen and horses

The day before Pola the farmers and other people who worship animals, especially bulls. They also decorate them with a lot of love. To Pola Bull Pole Also known as.

What is Pola festival scheduled for 2021? (Pola Fest Date)

It is believed that the festival of Pola is observed on the first day of the new moon in the month of Bhadon. Pithori Amavasya The festival is believed that this day is observed. It falls between August and September. This year, it is scheduled to be celebrated on the 6th September. The celebration is marked with huge celebration in Maharashtra particularly in the Vidarbha region. This festival is observed over two consecutive days. There is a the bull Motha Pola in the first day, and on the second day the lonely pole is known as.

What is the reason for the Pola festival referred to as Pola?

The Lord Vishnu appeared on Earth in the shape of Kanha and was the one was Krishna Janmashtami was celebrated as. In the past, his Kansa maternal uncle was his enemy from the time of his birth. When Kanha was a child and lived with Vasudeva Yashoda, Kansa sent numerous asuras to attack him several times. One time, Kansa has sent an asura whose name was the Polasura. Polasura was killed by Krishna due to his activities and all were shocked. This day was the first moon day in Bhadon month. From that day onwards it was named Pola. It is also known as the day of children, because during this day, love is extended to children.

What Pola Festival is celebrated? what significance (Pola Mahatva Festival in Hindi)

India in which agriculture is the major source of income, and where the majority of farmers use oxen to cultivate. This is the reason farmers celebrate this festival in order to praise and pay tribute to animals.

Pola festival Pola Festival Celebration

Pola can be celebrated two different ways, Bada Pola as well as Chhota Pola. The tradition of Bada Pola, the bull is worshiped and decorated, and during Chhota Pola, children take toy horses or bulls from door to door throughout the area, and afterwards cash or gifts are offered to the animals.

Way to Celebrate Pola Festival in Maharashtra (Pola Festival in Maharashtra)

  • The first morning of Pola farmers take their ropes from mouth and neck of their bullocks.
  • Then, turmeric the paste of gram flour is then put on them and they are massaged using oil.
  • Following this, they are washed in hot water. If there’s a stream or a pond close by the villagers are taken to the pond and bathed.
  • Following this, they are fed khichdi, a millet-based food.
  • The bulls are then nicely decorated and their horns get colored.
  • They wear colorful clothes, different kinds of jewellery, and garlands with flowers. Removes the shawl.
  • And, of course and all the members of the family are dancing and singing.
  • The primary purpose of this day is to ensure that the rope used to tie the bullock’s horn is altered by tying it in a fresh method.
  • The entire village gather in one spot and take their animals decorated. This day, everyone has the chance to meet their bulls.
  • Then , after worshipping the gods the congregation, a procession goes across the entire village, complete with drums and drums.
  • On this day, special meals are prepared at home On this day, mix vegetables is made with the help of Pooram Poli, Gujiya, Vegetable Curry, and five kinds of vegetables.
  • Many farmers begin their next crop on today.
  • Fairs are also held during this time in a variety of places. Various types of competitions are organized including Volleyball, Wrestling, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho etc.

Method to celebrate Pola celebration that takes place in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh (Pola Festival in MP and Chhattisgarh)

A variety of tribal tribes and castes reside throughout Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. The celebration that is Pola can be observed with huge celebration in the village of this. Instead of the bull iron bull and wood are worshipped. In addition to the wood bull and the bull. The brass horses are also worshiped.

  • Along with bullocks, horses and the chakki (hand mill) is also worshipped in this particular day. In the past the days of horses, bullocks, and horses were the primary means of sustaining the daily life, while wheat was milled in the house by the mill.
  • Different kinds of food are available to them. Sev sweet khurma, gujiya, sweet and so on. are prepared.
  • The dishes are stored inside the pouch onto the horse.
  • From the next day to the next day, children travel from house to home within the community with bullocks, horses and many of them take money to give as gifts.
  • Aside from that there is a ceremony of Gedi is held across Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh on the day of Pola. Gedi is made of bamboo. In it, a long bamboo is placed inside tiny bamboos by crossing it about 1-2 feet over. After balancing on it, the person stands up and goes away. Gedi can be found in many sizes, and youngsters, adults and even the elderly are involved in a lively manner. It’s a form of game that is a common game that is played in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, in other parts of India It is possible that you don’t even realize it.

The celebration of Pola is a way for humans to learn to be respectful towards animals. When the festival begins everyone begins to congratulate the hard-working people with a shout of Happy Pola.


Q: When is Pola in 2021?

Ans: 6 September

Q: What time is Pola commemorated?

Ans on Amavasya in the month of Bhadprad month

Quiz: What is the person who is worshipped in Pola?

Ans: Bulls and Horses

Q: Why is Pola festival held?

Ans: This holiday is observed by farmers. They observe the day to show respect to animals that have made the biggest contribution to farming, such as the bull, and also to celebrate them.

Q When was the last time Pola being honored?

Ans: From the beginning of time.