Rahul Dravid proves every time that no one has a bigger heart than him

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Rahul Dravid is the coach of the Indian team and often wins hearts with his simplicity. Even while running the bat on the field and now handling the big players of the team.

But now he has once again exposed his simplicity and big heart. Rahul had recently gone to Bangalore to be a part of a book fair.

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He sat down peacefully in the back seat in very simple clothes. The program went on, Rahul sat there without any show off, so no one recognized him. Rahul was also wearing a mask, so it was difficult for anyone to recognize him.

This book event was related to the new book of cricketer Gandappa Viswanath, so he too had to come to this event. After a long time he came and met Rahul. Rahul also got up to welcome the writer Ram Guha, then somewhere the whole public came to know that Rahul Dravid was sitting among them.

After this, people surrounded Rahul, insisting on taking autograph from him. But this is not the first time that Rahul has done this in the past as well.

Rahul Dravid was recently sighted as a common man at a book launch in Bengaluru
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Once Rahul Dravid went to his son’s science exhibition. Here too he did not go as a star cricketer but like the father of his children.

He went in such a simple way that like other parents, he stood in line. Not only this, once the Bangalore University had offered him a degree. But Rahul said, he has not done anything for this. That’s why they can’t take it.