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Philippe Lellouche Parents & Ethnicity:-Philippe Lellouche is a French model actor, singer, and actress. She is married to Gaspard Ulliel. The husband died on the 19th of January 2022 at 37 years old living in Grenoble, France due to an accident on the slopes of the La Rosier resort in Savoie, France. His last film was Marvel’s Moon Knight.

Here are the entire details of Philippe Lellouche Wiki and Biography. Who is Philippe L. Lellouche ? What is Philippe Lellouche’s ethnicity?, Who is Philippe Lellouche’s husband? Who are Philippe Lellouche’s Parents What is Philippe Lellouche’s career What is Philippe’s nationality? Is Philippe’s Net Worth?.

Gaelle Pietri Partner Death

Moon Night star Gaspard Uliel passed away on January 19 after a skiing crash that occurred in the French Alps. the 37-year old French star was involved in a collision with another person who was in the Savoie region, and sustained an injury to the brain that was serious on Tuesday, as reported by AFP.

Philippe Lellouche Parents (Father, Mother)

Philippe Lellouchehas never had access to his parents’ information. The information of her sibling is not publicly available.

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Philippe Lellouche Ethnicity

Philippe Lellouche’s race is white. The country she is from is French.


In this blog, you can get all the details about Philippe Lellouche’s parents, ethnicity and Wiki. Biography and more. Age and Husband, Children, career, net worth and More.

Philippe Lellouche Nationality

Philippe Lellouche grew up in Corsica, France so she is a French Nationality.

Philippe Lellouche Wiki, Biography

Philippe Lellouche was born on June 30, 1991 at Corsica, France. The name she was born under is Philippe Lellouche. She completed her studies in Local High School, Corsica, France. The specifics of her college aren’t public. She also studied at an institution located in Corsica, France.

Philippe Lellouche Age, Biography

Philippe Lellouche has completed his 30th year of life, which means she’s 30 in 2022. If we were to discuss his zodiac sign, due to his birth date on June 30 his zodiac sign is Cancer.

We are now discussing his faith and what religion he is a part of, and we’d like to let you know the fact that his faith is Christianity.

Philippe Lellouche Husband

If we discuss his marital status , then the majority of people are looking on the internet for information about his husband, so we would like to inform you that she’s married. She was spotted with the man she was dating in 2013. He was dating Gaspard Ulliel, an acclaimed French actress and model. The couple has a child called Orso. The couple’s partner deceased on the 19th of January 2022.

Philippe Lellouche Height, Weight

If we look at Philippe Lellouche’s physical size When Philippe Lellouche stands up then she is at 5 feet 8 inches, so her height would be 5’8 inches. Furthermore, if we discuss his weight, then his weight is about 65kg.

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Philippe Lellouche Career

Philippe was born as a model. She always dreamed of becoming an actress and a singer.

She also serves as been a brand ambassador of many fashion brands.

Philippe is also the winner of numerous beauty contests, and was a well-known french model.

She’s Once in The Paris Gala, Gail Pietri was later a be a model for a variety of well-known brands, including Garnier, Nivea, Diesel, Carte Noir Coffee and Bourjois Cosmetics.

Philippe Lellouche Net Worth

In this article, we will talk the net worth of Philippe Lellouche. Many of you are wondering if she was an assistant coach for several teams over the course of his career. So, how much is Philippe’s net worth. We want to inform the world that her net worth has not been publicized, however it is estimated at $200K roughly.

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FAQ About Philippe Lellouche

Q.1 Who is Philippe Lellouche?

Ans. Philippe Lellouche is a French model as well as a singer and actress.

Ans. Her parents’ details aren’t publicly available.

Q.3 Who is Philippe Lellouche’s Husband?

Ans. Name of husband: Gaspard Uliel.

Q.4 What is Philippe Lellouche’s net worth?

Ans. Her net worth is $200K approx.