Hottest first lady Melania Trump

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Hottest first lady Melania Trump

With Donald Trump’s victory, all eyes are on his wife, Melania, who has become the sexiest first lady of all time.

The businessman, who is on everyone’s lips for his explosive statements, is not the only person to stand out in the new presidential family, as his third wife, Slovak model Melania Trump, has named herself the ‘Sexiest Woman’. .

And Melania is the first person in American history to have photographs with a high sexual tone.


Outrageous footage released by the New York Post in August this year shows her playing in lesbian scenes under the headline ‘Manage a Trump’ (a pun on the phrase ‘Menage à trois’). ).

The provocative photos were taken before Melania married Donald Trump in 2005 and are part of the portfolio she has developed throughout her career.

While these photos influenced her husband’s candidacy, as the majority of Republican voters were ultra-conservative, support for her on social networks was poor and they sympathized with the model posted on the carasperfil site.

It will be a matter of time to see if Melania Trump continues on her leading career path, as she now has the difficult task of succeeding Michelle Obama, who has achieved great acceptance by the American population. , it turns out to be the favorite so far. moment. Let’s see if Melania can fill those shoes.

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