No Way Home’s Deleted Scene sprouted online.

You are currently viewing No Way Home’s Deleted Scene sprouted online.

Tom Holland’s brother was cut out from Spider-Man, but you can now see his scene online.

Below is a video taken by Harry and @spideyupdated on Twitter. The sequence shows Holland’s younger brother getting caught up in Peter Parker’s older version. He is then left hanging from wiring that fills in for his webbing, before digital effects are applied.

Tom Holland described the experience of his brother, Spider-Man, before the film was released last month. He also noted that he was a great sport about the whole thing.

He said that he was proud of his son when he drove home on the Graham Norton Show . He’s like, “mate, you can complain as many times as you wish. This is quite brutal. He’s doing an amazing job, and we should all be grateful.

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