Julia Fox, Kanye West’s new girlfriend, has 5 facts about her

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Julia Fox, famous for her breakout role in the 2019 film “Uncut Gems”alongside Adam Sandler, is now making headlines due to reports that she is engaged to Kanye West. The two were first seen on an evening out at a restaurant in New York City on Jan. 4. In the wake of news of the couple’s meeting, a source familiar with Fox and West informed Page Six that the duo could be more than just acquaintances.

West who is currently undergoing divorce proceedings with his former girlfriend Kim Kardashian, has been connected to a number of women which includes Instagram the model Vinetria.

Here are the five facts known about West’s new girlfriend Julia Fox.

1. This actress has a first-time mother.

Fox welcomed her daughter Valentino Artemiev along with her pilot husband Peter Artemiev in January 2021 and then shared the news via uploading an informal photo shoot. In this Instagram posting, the model revealed that the shoot was organized in a hurry due to the fact that doctors had informed that she was prenatally birthing her baby due to unknown health issues.

2. Fox is engaged to a woman.

According to reports in the media, Fox is still legally married to Artemiev. The couple got married in the year 2018, seemed to be experiencing issues with their relationship in the last few days. In an unpublished series of Instagram posts, Fox accused Artemiev of being an “dead beat father” as well as an “alcoholic drug addict.”

She told me, “This man left me with a baby girl of 5 months, the dog, as well as a home and all the bills. It’s wrong!!! It’s unfair.” Since the incident, Artemiev released a statement that addressed the allegations. The statement reads “I am deeply saddened by the revelation of the completely false claims posted through social media platforms by Julia Fox, my co-parent who clearly struggles. In consideration of her privacy, and to protect my child’s safety, I am not going to make any further comments.”

3. The star does not care about the spotlight.

Even though Fox became famous for her role as Adam Sandler’s love-interest Julia De Fiore in Uncut Gems Fox opened herself about her experience of the popularity that followed the film’s huge success.

She said in Interview Magazine, “I already encountered people who would come up to me in the street. I lived with that for a long time. It was what I believe prepared me for the day when it got very large and I can tell youthat I’m completely unaffected by it. This is the reason why the timing of your life is so crucial. If I’d achieved this level of fame when I was 21 or 20 years old I doubt I’d still be around now. It came at an age that I’m at ease with myself. I’ve never thought, “Oh my god I’m a celebrity. I’m not ever awestruck. Most of the time, I’m not. When I was a fan of Jerry Springer at Cipriani I nearly died.”

4. Fox is an immigrants.

The actress was reported to have been was born in Italy and then moved from Italy to New York when she was six years old.

5. The actress is currently writing a novel.

Fox announced in May 2020 that she was working on an autobiography during her the quarantine.

So far there are no further details about the book’s content or Fox’s to West has been made public.