Protection Status, Registration and Ownership, Customer Feedback and Reviews is a website that claims to provide news, updates and information related to the world of technology. But is it a reliable source of information or a hoax that can harm your device or data? In this blog post, we will review based on several parameters, such as its registration, customer feedback, social media presence and content quality. We will also explain how fraudulent websites can be identified and avoided.

Registration and Ownership

In terms of registration and ownership, according to ScamAdviser was registered in the US in September 2022, and has a two-year registration period. The website owners are using a service to hide their identity, which is a common practice among fraudsters. However, this does not necessarily mean that is a scam, as some legitimate websites may also use this service to protect their privacy.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

In terms of customer feedback and reviews, we did not find any customer feedback or reviews for on popular platforms like Trustpilot or ScamAdviser. This may be because the website does not sell any products or services, and therefore has minimal interaction with its visitors.

Social Media Presence and Activity

In terms of social media presence and activity, does not appear to have any social media presence or activity. There are social media buttons on the website for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, but they are just dummy buttons that lead to other pages on the website. When we searched for on these platforms, we did not find any results or profiles. This suggests that the website is hiding or does not have a social media presence, which is a red flag for a fraudulent website.

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Content Quality and Accuracy

In terms of content quality and accuracy, we examined some articles on, and found that they provide coverage on tech-related topics. But the articles are badly written, and contain grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and vague or inaccurate statements. Furthermore, the articles do not provide sources, references or citations to support any facts or claims.


Conclusion: Is Legit or a Scam?

In short, is not a scam, but not a reliable website either. It is not recommended to rely on it for your tech needs. To avoid fraudulent websites, always check the registration details, customer feedback, social media presence and quality of content. Don’t click on suspicious links and protect your device and data. Protection Status