Marvel’s Armor Wars expected Delayed to Add Punisher Reportedly

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Will you look at that? It must be another day in the week because there is another rumour related to some character related to Marvel Entertainment and Marvel TV. Once again, let’s tackle Frank Castle, AKA the Punisher, AKA Future War machine partner question Mark. So right from the start, let me just say I don’t trust any of these reports at all, and in my opinion, it’s wishful fanboy thinking at best and trying to mislead people because they’re gullible.

In the worst-case scenario. And again, we’ve seen people time and time again get built up on rumours, their favourite scoopers tweeting things with the whisper emoji, and suddenly it takes on a life of its own and then doesn’t happen. It’s all Marvel Studios. So of course, once again, the future of the Punisher, Frank Castle is in question here, and it sounds like that there might be discussions and potential reasons for why Armor Wars isn’t happening on time is because they’re going to be adding the Punisher Frank Castle to that series after his return, and possibly Daredevil or something else.

Again, we don’t have the full story here, but essentially he’s going to costar in the series now as much as. I would love that as a Punisher fanboy. The mental gymnastics you have to go through to make him costar in Armor Wars and give him an Iron Man suit is a lot and. In my opinion, the character regression. Listen to what I said regression him going backwards as a character would be pretty massive if Frank just put that outfit on or somehow had it, because how in the world would frank know how to put together and successfully boot up a suit? Again, it could be stolen.

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They could play around with that element, but you got to be careful with it because bringing back Jon Bernthal and dropping him in a Iron Man suit to fight robots or whatever, it’s going to be a little ridiculous, which is part of reason. Don’t believe this. And there’s just this whole like new push for Punisher must be in everything because we got Daredevil back. In my opinion that hurts everybody and all expectations and I get the excitement. But let’s be real. The Punisher in a war machine armor has to have some build up and a reintroduction to who exactly Frank is in his own series or supporting role.

And maybe it’s in Daredevil born again, maybe it’s somewhere else. We don’t know, but. In my opinion, you have to be really careful with setting your expectations because you’re just going to be disappointed. And Armor Wars seems like it has to be the fallout of Tony Tech getting into the hands of a bunch of criminals that James Rhodes is going to have to deal with because he’s in part responsible for stealing the original Iron Man mark two and turning it into war machine.


So just tossing frank into that does everybody a disservice.