Karvel Stevens, 6-year-old boy beheaded by his mother

Who was Karvel Stevens? And what happened to him?

6-year-old Karvel Stevens was murdered by her mother late Tuesday night at her home on 73rd Street and Indiana Avenue. The death of her son Karvel Stevens.

Late Tuesday night, Kansas City police received a call from a woman at home. She said her demon was about to attack her, and she hung up her phone without giving her further details.

Police responded to the call and rushed to block 7300 Indiana Avenue. According to the affidavit of the search request, when police arrived, they found bloodstains on the front door, blood and hair on the front door. A woman was found inside, but she did not open the door.
It is said that the police were forced to enter. According to court documents, the woman had blood on her body and two knives were found in her home.

Police are detaining Tash Heps after recovering the body.
She admits to beheading him and drowning in the bathtub. According to KSHB, the incident surprised many, including Mayor Quinton Lucas. He said he hoped justice would be achieved and that similar tragedies would not occur in the future.
There were no other children at home. However, a decapitated dog was found in the basement. According to an affidavit prepared by Detective Zakary Glidewell, Haefs identified the body as his son during police interrogation. They admitted to killing him in the bathtub and beheading him.
According to KCTV, the boy killed was Karvel Stevens.
It was unclear where the other children in the house at the time were.
Haefs was imprisoned in Jackson County Jail without bail after being charged with an armed crime.
According to Jackson County Attorney Jean Peters Baker, the horrific murder of a child is “stuffing.”

She said death requires law enforcement, public health and social services. Everyone must work to protect Kansas City’s children.
“Kansas City, let’s also focus on the violence between us,” wrote Peter Baker. “It is a challenge that can no longer be ignored. We can’t be complacent with the fact that we get 180, 170, even 150 homicides and hundreds of gunshots a year and no deaths. … Going forward, let’s maintain a clear goal of reducing violence in our community and alerting mental health professionals whenever we know someone in need of intervention.”
“The death of this child is asking for more,” she said. “Our society needs to heed the call. Law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, public health officials, social service providers, and our many partners all need to work together to tackle violence. Relying on this difficult challenge, we need strong collaboration to better protect our children, the most vulnerable population in our communities.”

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