Jennifer Lawrence explains why she took a break from acting

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Jennifer Lawrence explains why she quit acting

“She got to a point where she couldn’t do anything right anymore,” the Oscar-winning actress said.

Jennifer Lawrence says she took a break because she felt “everyone was sick of her.”

Having received critical acclaim for her performances in ‘Winter’s Bone’ and ‘X-Men: First Class’, Lawrence’s stardom increased even more when she played Katniss Everdeen in ‘The Hunger Games’ in 2012. It was followed by two sequels and three Oscar nominations. and won an Oscar in 2013 for ‘The Bright Side of Things’ for starring in 14 films in seven years.

However, after a string of box office disappointments where things like “Passengers”, “Mother!”, “Red Sparrow” and “The Black Phoenix” failed to find their audience, Lawrence felt he couldn’t. He had no choice but to walk away. for a certain period of time.

“It wasn’t doing the quality it was supposed to have,” he recently told Vanity Fair before returning with Netflix’s star-studded disaster comedy “Don’t Look Up.” “I think everybody got fed up with me. I was sick of me. I got to a point where I couldn’t do anything right. If I walked the red carpet, I was like, ‘Why didn’t he run?’ … I think I’ve been a pleaser for most of my life.”

“Working made me feel like no one could be mad at me: ‘Okay, I said yes, we do. Nobody is crazy. So I felt like I was getting to a point where people no longer liked my presence, which made me think that your job or career could bring any kind of peace to your soul. .

Adam McKay, director of ‘The Vice of Power’ and ‘The Big Short’, Lawrence on ‘Don’t Look Up’, his mentor Dr. Leonardo DiCaprio’s photo). The couple discover a comet apparently speeding towards Earth and embark on a mission to warn humanity through a massive media tour.

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