‘It was a strange day’: Kate Beckinsale grimaces as she bites her fingers off by the female lead in bizarre erotic scene from new comedy series Guilty Party

You are currently viewing ‘It was a strange day’: Kate Beckinsale grimaces as she bites her fingers off by the female lead in bizarre erotic scene from new comedy series Guilty Party

‘It was a strange day’: Kate Beckinsale grimaces as she fucks her fingers by the female lead in bizarre erotic scene of new comedy series Guilty Party

Kate Beckinsale grimaced as she kissed her fingers in awkward scenes from the new comedy series Guilty Party.

The actress plays a disreputable journalist determined to restore her reputation in the black comedy series that premiered in the United States earlier this month.

In one erotic scene, Kate appears in the character of writer Beth Baker while getting her finger fucked by another woman.

The footage shows Kate grimacing and pulling away from the woman who seductively licks her bottoms and sucks her toes, and says, “Do you want me to lick your nipples?” she shows.

Guilty Party follows Beth as she tries to rekindle her reputation as a journalist by following a story centered on a woman who refuses to kill her husband.

While investigating the case, Beth stops by to interview a woman named Donna, played by Helen Hayden.

Not realizing that Donna is a call girl, Beth rejects Donna’s sexual offer, but agrees to let her suck her toes instead.

With a grimace as Donna begins to lick the soles of her feet, Kate’s character sitting on a couch pulls back and yells, “Oh my God.”

Discussing the scene, Kate revealed on Instagram before shooting that she was awkwardly given her own feet by someone with a foot fetish.

In a video interview with Swedish broadcaster FilmTopp, he said: “It was a really weird day.

“Someone sent me an article on Instagram that morning about the best foot fetishes saying I’m his favorite feet. Sounds like anything I can think of. So I felt a bit chased in the foot department.

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Kate also revealed that she felt “very bad” for co-star Helen, who was on set for only one day and had to suck her toes.

Speaking to Collider, the Pearl Harbor star said she refused double stands for stage close-ups because Helen didn’t want two people to suck her thumb.

“I hadn’t met him before. You read the script and then that person comes along. He was just perfectly bright and so cute. At one point they said, ‘You know, we have two feet for you.’

“And I was like, ‘Okay, I don’t know how this is going to turn out because there’s clearly all these wide-angle shots of me being me. And they said, “Yes, but for close-ups a double tripod is enough.”

I said, ‘This girl must have two people’s feet in her mouth. At least we broke the ice. Lets continue. That’s why I did everything.

Kate said, “I felt so bad for him. That’s the thing. He was on set for a day and that’s what he had to do. Weirdly said, ‘Oh, hello. Pleased to meet you.’ And the next thing it swallowed my feet,” Kate recalled.

“She was beautiful too. I wasn’t feeling well. My makeup artist and I were bleaching, scrubbing, and applying perfume. We probably poisoned her chemically, but I didn’t want to smell the sock a bit.

Kate added that she didn’t do anything on set that she wasn’t “uncomfortable with” as she insisted it was “really fun” to play a character who constantly overreacts and eventually does “reckless” things.

Guilty Party premiered on the Paramount Plus streaming service on October 14, and fans were able to immerse themselves in the first two episodes of the series.

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Isla Fisher was originally running to play the character of Kate Beth, her addition to the series was confirmed in March 2020 and later left due to coronavirus pandemic concerns.

In December last year, it was announced that Kate would replace her in the lead role.

She co-stars alongside her onscreen husband, Marco Baker, Jules Latimer, Tiya Sircar, Alanna Ubach, and Geoff Stults, who plays Laurie Davidson.