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If you’re currently preparing in preparation for Civil Services and are thinking about doing it, then you’ve heard about IFS. In this post, we will provide you with IFS officer Kaise Bane What is it? IFS Complete Form IFS full form in Hindi, IFS Meaning In Hindi, IFS salary, IFS Eligibility, IFS Kya Hota Hai.etc. We will let you know more about it.

You’ve heard about IAS and IPS numerous times, since you are aware the fact that IAS as well as IPS both are Civil Services, in the same manner. IFS is also the Civil Service if you want to become an IFS officer. Huh. For that, you’ll be required to pass the UPSC exam, so for more information similar to that about IFS officers and their duties, you should go through this article fully.

IFS Full Form

The most well-known full form that is used in India can be found in IFS. Indian Foreign Service In addition, and in particular it is also known as IFS Ka Full Form. It’s also known by the name of Indian Foreign Service in Hindi If you want to be an IFS officer, then know it to happen, you’ll need to do your best to secure an appointment in the department.

What exactly does IFS refer to?

When you think about it, IFS could mean a variety of things however, we will only be discussing IFS that includes government jobs. IFS also has two meanings. One of it refers to the Indian Foreign Service and The second is the Indian Forest Service, which is also known as”the” Indian Forest Army.

However, here we are discussing IFS, the Indian Foreign Service, the IFS Officer is the representative of an Indian Government of India in other countries. In India it makes an immense contribution in establishing connections with foreign countries. Since the IFS Officer Foreign is the highest status of representing in that of the Government of India, that’s the reason why his work is an enormous impact on the development of Foreign Policy Information i.e. foreign policies.

Few people are aware of IFS Indian Foreign Service in India The majority of people are aware of IPS and IAS officers. If you’re looking to join IFS you should make sure that you must first gather all the details about IFS the Kaise Bane.

How can I become an IFS?

If this is a question that was running through your head that what is the best way to prepare for becoming IAS officer, then you need to prepare. IAS officer. Then in order to get the title of the IFS officer you need be able to pass your UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) test. After passing this, IFS officers will be appointed however, before that , there are many individuals who must be aware.

However, before that, we are aware about the different posts that are part of UPSC that are eligible for the post. UPSC conducts exams. In this case should you want to be employed in any of the positions listed below, then it is for it to be a possibility, it’s necessary for you to take your UPSC Civil Service exam.

Liste of Services Group A offered by UPSC

  • Indian Foreign Service or IFS
  • IAS Indian Administrative Service Indian Administrative Service
  • IPS Indian Police Service Indian Police Service
  • Indian P & T Accounts & Finance Service
  • Indian Audit and Accounts Service
  • Indian Revenue Service (Customs and Central Excise)
  • Indian Defense Accounts Service
  • Indian Revenue Service (IT) or IRS
  • Indian Ordnance Factories Service (Assistant Works Manager, Administration)
  • Indian Postal Service
  • Indian Civil Accounts Service
  • Indian Railway Traffic Service
  • Indian Railway Accounts Service
  • Indian Railway Personnel Service
  • Indian Railway Protection Force (Assistant Security Commissioner)
  • Indian Defense Estates Service
  • Indian Information Service (Junior Grade)
  • Indian Trade Service, Group “A” (Gr. III)
  • Indian Corporate Law Service

List of Groups B Services

  • Armed Forces Headquarters Civil Service (Section Officer’s Grade)
  • Delhi, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep, Daman & Diu and Nagar Haveli and Dadra Civil Service
  • Delhi, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep, Daman & Diu and Dadra & Nagar Haveli Police Service
  • Pondicherry Civil Service
  • Pondicherry Police Service

As I have informed you all that in order to become IFS officer IFS officer you need be able to pass the UPSC exam. Only after which you will be an IFS officer. There are three levels of this UPSC test if you pass the three levels. Once you have cleared these levels, you will be chosen as the position of an IFS officer.

However, before all of this is when you apply for UPSC when you apply, you must choose the best option for you to work in the post you would like to start first for instance, if you wish to be an IFS officer, then firstly you have to select IFS and then you can mark the other posts.

Preliminary Examination

The initial stage after submitting to the UPSC exam is known as Preliminary Examination and in this test, there are two kinds of tests: General Ability Test and Civil Service Operated Test and each paper is composed of 200 marks. In the exam paper for the preliminary test you will be given questions that are objective in nature. In each question, you will be given four choices in a single question, of which you must mark the correct answer . If you are able to pass with excellent marks on the initial exam, after you must prepare for the main test.

Mains Exams

You should be aware that the UPSC exam is believed as one of the toughest tests, therefore should you be able to pass the initial exam, you must appear for your main test. If your preliminary test is completed, then within two or three months, you are required to sit for the main exam. in this exam , you are not given multiple choice or objective type questions.

In this case, you need to write your answer to all the questions on the answer sheet using your own words. For this, your writing style must be excellent as it is the way you write that determines whether you’ll be able to pass the main exam or not.


If you pass both the preliminary exam and the main exam, you’re now called for an interview. To be able to pass this test, you will need be focused because the candidates is able to ask any question about any subject, and it’s the interview that determines whether your position is confirmed.

If you would like to apply to be IFS officer, IFS officer, online applications are sent to you in the months of March or February, you can apply for the job by filling in these applications.

Qualifying for IFS

Certain qualifications have been established to be able to work within the Indian Foreign Service, if you meet these requirements, then you’ll be considered qualified for the job. In addition to being citizens of India and Bhutan, if you’re located in Nepal or Bhutan or Bhutan, you may also apply for an IFS Officer.

The minimum age for you to be eligible should be 21 years, and the the maximum age could differ depending on the category you are in.

  • General category -32 years old
  • OBC 35 Years (3 years Relaxation)
  • SC/ST -37 years (Relaxable to 5 years)
  • EWS 32 years (No Relaxation)
  • Disabled – 42 Years (relaxable for 10 years)

In your studies, if you’ve completed your graduation in any field, you may be eligible for this test. If you are in your final year of your graduation, then you are eligible to take this test.

There is no legal matter that should be registered under your name.

These are the qualifications If you’re able to meet all of these requirements, then you are eligible to apply for the civil service.

IFS Officer Salary in India 2021

The salary of an employee is crucial in any profession because everyone does their job to earn some money for his work So we need to know what the pay for an IFS officer is. If you’re also looking to be an IFS officer and you are interested in that, then you must know the amount of salary they earn.

Therefore, we would like to inform the people who work in IFS that nobody IFS officer is paid a fixed pay, they receive the salary based on their position If someone is on a lower levels, what salary will he earn and if that is the case, one is employed at a higher level it is possible to earn better returns.

We have created an below table for you, taking a look, you can find the salaries of all posts of IFS officer, or learn about their salaries.

ScalePayroll In Rupees
Junior ScaleFrom 8000 to 14000
Senior Time Scale10650 – 16000
Junior Administrative Scale12750 to 17000
Selection Grade15600-18500
Super Time Scale37,400 – 67000
Apex Pay ScaleAround 80,000
Cabinet SecretaryAround 90,000

Apart from their salaries and benefits, they also receive Grade Pay that ranges from Rs 8000 up to 25000. It is understood in this as to say that, if your earnings are Rs 18000 and your Grade Pay is 10000 and this is the case, then according to this with this, your total pay will be the amount of Rs 28000.

Then you are probably aware regarding IFS officers Salary.

Now, friends, I am hoping that you should have been able to get all the details regarding IFS Officer. We have provided IFS Full Form in this article. The meaning in Hindi IFS Officer Kaise Bane IFS Officer Salary All these details were explained to you.

If you’re contemplating being an IFS officer we invite you to comment on our post by writing “I would like to be IFS officer” or “I want to be an IFS officer” in the box below. Let us know the possibility of doing something similar in the future. If you would like to take a look at the article and want to share it with your friends, you must share our post to your friends. So that you’ll see it shortly we will be able to thank our friends with more information.

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