15+ Passive Income Ideas 2022 (Rs 1 Lakh / Month as Students) | Earn Money Online Without Investment

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How to Earn Money Online in India

There are many ways to earn money online in India. It does not matter if you have a niche or are trying to reach out to a wider audience. The most common way to earn from a blog is to write articles and post them to the internet. You can also use different platforms, such as Pinterest and Facebook to share your content. But, a website is the most convenient and effective method for posting your content.

how to earn money online in india

If you have a passion for creating videos and have a knack for capturing the best moments, you can sell your videos and photos on YouTube. As long as you have at least 4000 hours of viewing time, you can apply for YouTube partnership programs. These partnerships can lead to sponsorships and a steady income. Unlike traditional businesses that require investment, the earnings from a YouTube channel are unlimited. You can publish at least 40 to 50 videos each month to earn a consistent income.

If you are artistic, you can earn money by designing t-shirts for others to buy. Many online businesses are looking for people who can design and print t-shirts. This will give you the flexibility to choose which designs you want to promote and sell. You can also choose to sell your designs. Then, you can get paid per word. You can start with a small investment and gradually build your business until you become a full-time online income maker.

When it comes to making money from the internet, the options are endless. There are various sites and programs where you can make money on the internet. There are many opportunities for making money from a blog in India. With these, you can choose to pursue a career in the field that suits you best. It does not matter if you want to work from home or just do it part-time. It is possible to earn money on the internet without any experience.

Earn money by creating YouTube videos

You heard it right! YouTube will pay people who upload videos to their channels based on the number of views they receive. It is important to begin by making videos first. They can be about anything you think people would want to see. Most popular are videos that instruct cooks baking, baking, painting tutorials on makeup as well as product reviews, stitching dancing, the latest technology and without stopping. It is among the most efficient methods for earning money India and also to make money from one’s talents. Particularly when people are at home, they’re extremely enthusiastic about learning new techniques. Therefore, a pastime as easy as making soaps can bring you cash in India.

Here’s how to start. All you have to do is create interesting detailed, well-written, and informative videos. Once you have at least 10 videos to hand start an account on your channel, and then upload your videos all at once. Make sure you get all of your contacts to view and sign up to your channel, and keep it up for the first few months.

Once you’ve built up your following, you can you can monetize your account by applying the application for Google AdSense from the AdSense website. Google AdSense allows publishers to display text or video ads on their videos. You earn money as the number of people who take a look at the advertisements. It’s among the most effective ways to earn cash online, but you must grow your audience constantly.

When you’ve completed these steps and you are done, you can earn between Rs 200and 300 for every 1000 views, and 65000 dollars per million views. The YouTubers with the highest earnings within India comprise Technical Guruji, BB ki Vines, Sandeep Maheshwari, and numerous others. They make lakhs of dollars per month , based on the quantity of their content and views during the month!

Learn to become a Freelancer

If you’re a skilled marketer, designer, or programmer then you will find plenty of paid work online positions in India. All you need is to be patient and ready to explore more. It is the most effective way to earn money online with investing any money if you possess the necessary skills.

It is essential to possess two capabilities to be an effective freelancer. Your first skill is the one you are most proficient in and the other is marketing. If you’re not an effective marketer take advice from an experienced professional to build your profile. You need to be able to demonstrate excellent communication skills to attract clients.

I’ve written an in-depth piece on how you can earn as much as an amount of Rs. 5000 per article when you work as an Freelance writer.

Learn Stock Market Trading

You don’t require any money to start your own freelance job, but you’ll require a small amount of cash to begin your career as stock trader.

Earn cash online through stock trading if you’re able to choose the correct stock. You require a demat account and trading account to begin trading.

I would like to inform you that you can lose money on stock trading therefore it is better to begin with less money and spend more time studying the basics in stock market trading.

I’ve published an article on intraday trading in stocks in India for people who are just beginning to learn. It is worth reading for more information on the fundamentals in stock trading.

Discount brokers are ideal for trading intraday as they charge fixed brokerage as high as Rs 20/trade, regardless of the volume of trade. Review the comments of my top discount brokers in the Zerodha review.

Join us as an expert consultant

You can offer your advice and expertise to a variety of people. You don’t need to be the most knowledgeable in a particular field to be an instructor or consultant You just need to be more knowledgeable than your student or client.

I learned the art of content marketing through working with lots of startups. Sometimes I was successful and sometimes I failed, but with each success I learnt something new about content marketing. Nowadays, people refer me to as a content marketing expert and happily pay me the sum of Rs. 5000 per hour for guidance over the phone or via Skype.

I assist them in creating the content marketing plan. They increase their customers by running more effective marketing campaigns.

Anyone who has a competitive advantage can be consultant and connect with clients on the internet. For instance, if you’re a legal or financial professional you can create your own website, and begin to attract customers online.

You can either make money off your current skills or acquire new skills to can earn you money online.

Don’t be expecting to earn quick cash without any experience.

I’m repeating it It is possible to master online skills within a just a few months of committed time.

Earn money online from YouTube

It’s not likely that you know that millions of people earn a living on YouTube. This is it’s not an easy task however it is very doable for those who are able to make and upload videos on the subject of their choice.

Two types of people are able to be successful YouTube channels. One can create entertaining and funny videos, the second can create highly useful videos for niche audiences (like mothers, students and housewives, tech geeks, etc.).

We have an comprehensive guide on how you can earn money through YouTube We have provided examples of people earning money through YouTube and we have shared a the steps to follow for creating your own YouTube channel, the best way to grow and market your channel, and what tools are required to produce and promote videos.

Earn money through Facebook, Instagram

There’s no limit to making money through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. No, I’m not laughing at jokes. There are some who charge up to 22,000 rupees just for one Twitter or Facebook update. Stop talking It’s true.

Here are a few methods I’m aware of, in order to earn money on Facebook. I paid cash directly to admins in order to promote my blog through Facebook page (not to be confused with Facebook ads).

The number of followers on social media is a benefit for these people, and the majority of them belong to the entertainment industry. Fashion and entertainment are able to make money off their Instagram account. It is possible to check out the number of followers on BhakSala, Gabbar Singh and StoryPick and imagine how beneficial they could be to any business who would like to promote their business on these pages.

Check out this video to learn about different ways to make money through Facebook

Buy and sell Domains

It’s possible that you don’t know that you can rent your site with a high amount of traffic. I discovered this method of earning money online while working with a customer working in the Real Estate sector. Instead of creating his site from scratch, it was rented from a person who already had website’s traffic, and had people who were looking to buy a house in the area he was located.

My friend wasn’t interested in purchasing his web site. He inquired to put his website up for lease for a couple of months. He took leads by displaying how his property was displayed on his site. The website was returned after he had sold his inventory of real estate.

It’s fascinating? For all our lives, we believed there were only physically-based offices and houses could be rented out

Another option is to sell your domain when you have a great ranking in SEO (Domain Authority) or you own a domain that has an exclusive name. My preferred social media company buffer bought buffer.com for $600,000 in the year 2000. Similar to that you can purchase domains that are expired and sell them at a premium price to those who require that. The domain trading industry isn’t easy and you need to be an expert beginning, or you might be unable to make money.

If you do have a domain , but aren’t selling it, consider selling it on marketplaces like Flippa.com

Note: I have over 50 domains as of present moment. I continue to invest in domains, and this year I bought a domain for $15,000 (equivalent to 10 lakh rupees). 10 lakh). If you begin working to build your online business, you’ll also discover how to earn money through the sale of domains.

Writing Jobs earn money

I had no idea that I would be writer. I began writing for my new blog and discovered an interest in words.

In truth, I wasn’t proficient in English and I’m still striving to improve my English. Nowadays, the majority of my companies are run on my writing abilities.

I was taught that formal education isn’t required to excel in any field.

If you enjoy writing begin writing. There are many writers on the internet who are eager to help you create good copies.

I’m sure that many businesses are searching for talented writers, but it’s hard finding writers that can write effectively. You might become the next. A professional writer can charge between 500-20,000 rupees for each article.

Take note that if you feel that you are able to write but don’t have clients, then send me a sample that you have written. I can’t warrant any work, however I will do my best to create something that is according to your abilities.

Begin Blogging and earn Money Online

You can earn money through your writing abilities by two different ways.

  • Write to someone and earn cash immediately.
  • Create your own blog and earn money slowly, but keep it up

That’s the difference between working as a freelancer and running a business. Your blog could be your online business. It takes time to grow your audience. Once you begin earning money through your blog, your blog can earn cash even while you’re asleep.

You can make Ads with the help of Google Adsense and earn money through Google. Earn money each time people click on these Ad Blocks.


This job doesn’t require the need for any formal training or knowledge. Anyone with a great hearing capacity and quick typing speed can perform this. A transcriptionist converts spoken words (live as well as recorded) into text. Medical professionals, businessmen or other legal fields are in need of transcription. To work in legal or medical fields, you require an appropriate degree or certificate in order to be qualified for the job. However, to work as an transcriptionist for journalists or researchers there is no formal education that is needed. You must be a quick typist as well as have a solid understanding of the language used of the subject so that you don’t find yourself watching the exact same music for several hours. Be aware that you’ll be paid per hour of audio, so don’t waste the entire day listening to a single audio.

Many companies will require you to pass an exam to be qualified so you should try some no-cost practice tests first:

  • GoTranscript Practice
  • Write and listen

There are many transcriptionists’ jobs online that you can do from the comfort of your home. You can sign up on sites such as Trancribeme, Rev, GMR transcription, etc., to become freelancers.

The pay of transcriptionists can range from the 8,000-20,000 rupees per month, based on the area of work and the speed at which you can do it.

Social Media Strategist

An social media consultant is someone who develops an approach to social media in order to keep the presence of the business online and also review the online marketing efforts. They aid in establishing the brand’s image and frequently prove to be the best way for a business to reach its customers. Because people are the most engaged on social media today companies that have an established presence on their social media pages is more likely to keep their status and gain loyal customers. This position is available to those who are active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and are current with the latest the latest trends. Social Media experts are responsible for determining, preparing and implementing a company’s overall image on social media platforms. Apart from advertising, the job involves coordinating campaigns for the company and its products, as well as generating new marketing concepts to keep customers interested.

The average salary for a social media strategist ranges from $15,000-$40,000 per month, based upon years of working experience.

Video Editor

The people who are familiar using programs such as Adobe Premier Pro, Final Cut Pro or KineMaster are the best candidates for this task. The are all video-editing programs that require some training. The work at home from home could become a bit exhausting however if one is skilled the job can pay well. All you need is an operating system on your laptop or the programs to perform this task. Every video creator needs video editors in order to create smooth, color corrected and engaging videos.

Don’t be afraid when you aren’t sure how to edit your videos. All you need is to start editing and after one month of practicing using everything you need to know about tools and methods will be available to you! A lot of social media influencers, bloggers Vloggers, producers, and content creators are always looking for fast video editors. It’s one of the most lucrative methods to earn lots of cash through online advertising in India.

The salary of an editor of videos is the amount of Rs 20,000- the range of Rs 60,000 to 60,000 per month, based on the kind of work and amount of effort needed.

Graphic Designer

This is yet another job online that will make you very rich within a short period of time. This is completely digital which means you can work this from your the comfort of your home. All you need is a laptop computer or computer along with editing software. If you are interested in designing, animation and cartoon sketching will be awed by this work. Graphic designers design conceptual images, either with the help of computer software or hand, to convey concepts that inspire, educate and engage customers. They create their overall style and designs for brochures, ads magazines, reports and publications. Graphic designers create and plan the complete web page layout, including color tones tabs, flowcharts and so on.

8 essential abilities to be a graphic designer

  • Creativity is among the most essential skills needed by graphic designers.
  • Typography
  • Adobe’s creative software-specifically Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop are a requirement for various graphic design positions
  • Interactive media
  • Giving presentations

The salary for graphic designers ranges between Rs 20,000 to Rs 60,000 per month.

There are many ways to make money from a blog in India. Amazon’s Associates Program allows you to sell products on Amazon and earn anywhere from $1000 to a hundred thousand dollars a year. The only requirement is to stay active and continue working. Besides, there are other ways to make money from a blog in the country. The most popular way to earn from a blog is freelancing. You can sign up on various freelance websites and start working on your own projects.

Freelancing is a great way to earn from the internet. Freelancing allows you to get paid per word. You can earn anywhere from Rs1 to Rs4 for each word you write. If you’re a skilled writer, you can sell your skills on Freelancing sites. Another way to earn from the internet is to freelance. By providing services, you can hire people to do the work for you.