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Hiatus Meaning – Learn the Meaning of the Word “Hiatus”

Hiatus Meaning

The word hiatus has existed since the c16th century. It is derived from the Latin word “hiare,” which means “to gape.” This root comes from the Proto-Indo-European words ghieh, hia, and huo. Both words mean the same thing. They are cognates. By learning their Hindi counterparts, you can improve your vocabulary. This article will discuss the meaning of the word “hiatus.”

hiatus meaning

The hiatus definition refers to a break in pronunciation. This breaks the continuity of a word or syllable. It may also be used to describe the abatement of a fever. In English, hiatus is pronounced haI’eIt@s, which is a combination of the syllables h, a and e. In the plural, hiatus is pronounced haI-eIt@s.

The Hiatus meaning

The Hiatus meaning is derived from the Latin verb hiare, meaning “to gape.” The word first appeared in English in the middle of the 16th century. It originally meant a “gap” or “opening.” In Laurence Sterne’s novel Tristram Shandy, the hiatus is an opening in Phutatorius’s breeches. Today, hiatus is generally used to denote a period of pause or interruption in a process or event.

Hiatus is a broken sound between two vowels without any intervening consonant. In English, a hiatus occurs between the final and initial vowels of two consecutive words. The opposite of elision, hiatus is a form of diphthongization. So, if you have a hiatus, it may be an interruption or a pause in a process or event.

hiatus Definition

Similarly, a hiatus is a pause in the sound of a word. In fact, it can be a period of time between the first and last syllable of a word. The term “hiatus” also includes a pause between two syllables. It is the opposite of elision and diphthongization. If you are confused about the meaning of a word, you can find the definition in a dictionary online.

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Hiatus is a word that means “break” in Latin. Its meaning is often related to the fact that a pause in the sound of a word is not normal. Therefore, a hiatus is a word that indicates a temporary pause. In the case of a pause, it means that the first syllable of a word is unpronounced. It can be a part of a phrase or a whole sentence.

A hiatus is a gap in a sound, usually between two vowels. Its occurrence is unplanned and usually occurs in the middle of words. The word is defined as a “break in sound” when it is absent of an intervening consonant. In other words, a hiatus is a space between two consecutive vowels. However, it can also be a word that implies a period of time between two syllables.

hiatus Mean

The hiatus is a pause or break in a sound. The hiatus is also an interrupted word. The word means “to gape” in Latin. A pause is a pause or interruption between two words. A hiatus is a period of time where one word is separated from another. For example, the words ‘break’ and ‘pause’ are the same. The difference between the two words is the interleaving.

hiatus Uses

Hiatus is a pause or gap between words. It is not an indefinite pause. It is the slight pause between two consecutive vowels. It can be a natural opening in a word or an esophagus in a human. Throughout history, the word “hiatus” has been used in many contexts. It has been found in medieval manuscripts as a placeholder.

When a person is on hiatus, they have a long, pause between words. For example, a long hiatus is a gap in a series. An aortic pause occurs when a heart beats without a beat. In addition to the physical gap, the hiatus is a passageway in the heart that allows oxygen to reach the heart. Thus, a pause is a short break in a limbo. Protection Status